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Valley courts get an F in OVI convictions

The reason is most judges and attorneys are nothing but drunks themselves. This story is nothing new - My family was hit head on by a drunk back in 1980 - killed the drunks passenger - screwed up our lives forever. Good old Brookfield court gave him ONE YEAR suspension and $100 doll fine - that was IT!!! No jail time - no nothing. It was not the first DUI for the low life and he fcking walked. The scum bag got another DUI about 6 months later in Ashtabula county - and he walked again - so he learned nothing by killing someone. I asked the scum bag attorney how he could defend this low life since the attorney's own family member had been killed by a drunk - his answer - "it's all in the money". Jerk is no better than the fcking drunk. The laws will never be enforced like they suppose to be when you have people in charge that are just a guilty as the scum they are trying in court - the saying "everyone has driving drunk at least once" is total fcking buii shlt - and I have even heard an idiot judge say that once. I used to work for the State Patrol in Ohio - so I have seen allot.

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Ohio State Highway Patrol flap involves short sleeves

Gee, what would these people have done back before AC. When I was there we wore long sleeves and tie in a black car without AC. You were just glad to have a job and proud to wear the uniform.

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