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Illinois AG sues to stop convicted ex-cop’s pension

This will be the first and last time that you will see the Governor in this area unless he participating in a fund raising affair..

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ORDEAL OVER: The parents of Gina Tenney, Avalon, left, and Lucian Tenney, discuss the death-penalty

Wake up Black People! 2 murderers, one white, one black. Two different penalties. One gets life, one gets death. This system, while not perfect, is not broken but needs adjusting. The people are broken and need a drastic overhaul. This is not a random isolated act. It is premeditated and threatens all black citizens in the city. Wake up black people! Justis is not being evenly applied here.

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Jurors say spare Davis from the death penalty

Being a life long citizen of Youngstown, I've watched race relations in this city for the past 40 years. Mayor elect williams gave me hope. The Micheal Davis sentencing for the murder of six black residence, 4 of whom were children, is a setback. Conventional wisdom says that mike will be eligible for parole after years 30 years, he will be 48 in 30 years. All this over a cell phone dispute. There is another trail going on now. A black man is accused killing a white coed 22 years ago. He will be found guilty, and sentence to death. picture hope moving rearward.

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