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Three people robbed at gunpoint on North Side

That is why the Northside is called a historical district. Historically to can still get robbed there. No mater what you do it will never change. Here is a safety tip for those who get robbed at night. DO NOT WALK THE STREETS OF THUGTOWN. It is not safe!!!

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Furlough days cut at Ohio base, other installations

Must have been the republicans who have bases in their districts. They found some money. I bet that does not sit well with the Tea Party.

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Food-stamp benefit cut on horizon for Ohioans

Now some of the obesse welfare people will loose some wieght. Tell them now to worry. They still have the free breakfast, lunchs at the schools, missions and food from the give aways like the food banks and churches. I am sure that they will manage. We did when we were kids and dad was layed off before the free governement dole was around. Find all the babies daddys and get some money from them. Cancel the cell phones, cable tv and give up the cigs. That will more than make up for the $29.00 less a month they will be getting. Now let's start to only pay for the first two babies the welfare queens have. That is not too far behind.

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Challenges face Bezos as he buys Washington Post

Is it not ironic? All these dot comers that use the web to make their billions are felling nostolgic now and saving the hard copy institutions they almost put out of exsistence. Here is a pre loaded Thank you, too the rest of them who will see the light and help save real, put in your hands communications.

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Austintown trustees announce new racino proposal

I guess Don Samarone gave us an offer we can refused. That's the way trustees.

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Woman killed in I-680 crash this morning

I bet her last text was "OH SHI....."

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UPDATED | Weathersfield police suspect no foul play in girl’s death

Another single mother with no help. How come we have not heard of a father in this picture. It is shame this happen to someone so young. This is why some communties have regulations for fences on all pools, in ground and above. This sounds like a bad situation that good have been prevented. God keep her safe now.

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UPDATED | 36-year-old man fatally shot on the city's South Side

This makes the case for Mooney leaving the city. Where was the block watch on this one.

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Austintown trustee wants meeting on racino

No problem. Here is the fix. Wait until McNally gets in office as mayor of Youngstown. Put him on the Racino's payroll and all is well. Just give him the same deal that the Cafaro's gave him for trying to keep the county offices up on the east side with all the trash and put good workers in harms way and poor working conditions.

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Health insurers fear young adults will forgo plan

This is the mentality of this generation. IPhones, Games and direct TV, but no money to protect themselves when they need medical attention. It is a proven statistic that 1 out every 6 aduts in this county will be involved in an accident that will require medical attention. This is where the young generation does not think. No insurance and a trip to the emergency for treatment will cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. And also how about all the babies being born in this country by girls without insurance. Who do you think is paying this bill? US Taxpayers.

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