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Campbell chief commends officer

Contrary to popular belief, not every person in power is a 'media whore.' This was simply about recognition of an officer who went above what is normally expected. Its an attempt to boost morale and make officers feel appreciated. Instead of sitting around his office, shooting off his gun, the new Chief is is bringing respect and camaraderie to his force. Take a page from his book and give credit where credit is due.

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Campbell police arrest man on drug charges

Here's a novel idea for all of the Monday morning quarterbacks -- instead of sitting around on message boards, chomping at the bit to criticize and denigrate the CPD, why don't you actually do something productive? If you don't like how something is being done, do something to change it instead of hiding behind a keyboard, spitting vitriole and citing useless/baseless facts.

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Campbell police charge three with drug offenses following traffic stops

Bottom line - do stupid things, get caught. Don't want to get caught, don't do stupid things. If you don't want to risk being arrested bc you're dumb enough to drive around town with a cache of guns, drug paraphernalia, and opened beer cans, then don't drive through Campbell. A single hand gun for protection purposes is one thing. A rifle, several guns, drugs ... that's clearly indicative of something else all together. Kudos to the CPD and the new Chief for finally talking a proactive approach to policing. Unbelievable how people will criticize the police for doing their job, but be the first to cry when they need the police or feel like they haven't done enough.

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