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Canfield Group Assault

With that said....Malvasi Jr. was wrong for hitting Jackett in the first place. Had Jacket been smart, since he obviously knew who Malvasi was, he should have notified police. End of story and we wouldn't be on-line ranting at 2:00 in the morning, but much to the vindicator's pleasure he didn't. He made the decision to come after Malvasi, and his friends made the decision to come along too. Now not only has Malvasi Jr. broken the law but any of the boys who hit him when they arrived at his house are also legally wrong. And all of the boys deserve to get in trouble for that. As for the other boys watching, although not legally wrong, they are morally wrong for watching it happen. As for Malvasi Sr. he has every right to stand up against these other MEN who came on his property with the intent of attacking his son, whether his son provoked the fight or not, he still has the right to protect him on his property.

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Canfield Group Assault

All I have to say is WOW! We are dealing with some seriously immature behavior, both between the MEN involved and the seemingly BOYS on the internet talking about it. This altercation has nothing to do with what school these kids attend. If I work at Hollister and I fight someone who works at American Eagle it doesn't make Hollister workers thugs and American Eagle employees jealous of Hollister. Yes there is some bad blood in the valley toward Cardinal Mooney but this fight has nothing to do with that and neither should our discussion. It is wrong for either side to make any comment generalizing the students/people from either school/community.

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