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YOUNGSTOWN SCHOOLS Hathorn ‘pulls plug’ on two principals

Because her life is personal I will not bother to disclose the personal trama that has happened in her life. I guess most of you hicks have no personal issues and cannot understand such an oversight. God is in control I wish she'd come to Jersey and not have to work there for that chump change any way. She is way too good for any of you anyway. Go blow all of you. These are my words not nothing close to what she would say. The Superintendent is a poor excuse and a punk for picking on such a humble person. what man is named Connie any way?

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YOUNGSTOWN SCHOOLS Hathorn ‘pulls plug’ on two principals

I find this quite absurd. What kind of school system is this? I am all for making improvements but the superintendent should tell the entire story. As an educator myself, in New Jersey, I find the dismissal of Mrs. Clark horrible. What Mr. Super did not mention is that Mrs. Clark's cert is in the mail. All I know is that in NJ it is matter of fact the state department on any one's certification. Truly it seems to me that there is more to this story than a cert. a simple call to the state office would have confirmed the validity of her current certificate. That is what we do in NJ It should be about the children not the humiliation of a individual. Ii happen to a relative of Mrs. Clark. I will not stop short of advising her on how to handle this most unfortunate situation. I wonder if this superintendent's credentials are up to par. We are always ready to drop the ax but not tell the entire story. There is no one that I know more concerned for children and staff than Mrs. Clark. Based upon the comments from this hick town, I guess that is not important.

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