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Who do you think won the vice-presidential debate?

Your friend McCain just voted for the BAILOUT bill. His advisor and mentor Phil Gramm was the architect of much of the deregulation that led this mess and its not just "dirtbags" whatever that is supposed to mean that created the foreclosure crisis and now this credit crunch. Banks on Wall St. had a great deal to do with making the mess. They're the ones that should be cleaning it up and paying for the BAILOUT. Deregulation of the sort that Bush, McCain and Gramm have been pushing led to this problem. No more! It's time to clean it up and kick out the Republicans whose only idea for government is less government. Actually, that's not a great idea. There needs to be rules and peple need to be held accountable.

Next up is Sarah with her Troopergate investigatin.

Good luck clarkkent, I think the truth is your kryptonite.

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