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Youngstown voters still blind to fracking propaganda. Why?

Great letter Pauline. I am seeing the adverse effects of fracking related activities first hand. My family is dealing with it now. I also see what is happening over in Pennsylvania as I drive to work.
If people would just research Bradford County, Tioga County, Washington County, Dimock and other places in Pennsylvania, they too would understand why there are those of us that are for banning this whole process.
Despite big gas and oil propaganda, anyone that has to live near this activity should be very afraid, and against it. There is a 2007 Congressional Report that gives a long list of the chemicals involved in this process, most of which are toxic. Take some time, look these things up as well as MSDS sheets for the chemicals listed. Just because they claim that the amounts are small, doesn't mean that the volume in which they are used is not damaging to the environment or any living thing. They don't discuss the possibility of reactivity between those chemicals, but the chemicals alone are bad enough.
The jobs are minimal at best, and most entail being around these known toxins. The money being made for the moment is not worth the price we all will pay in the long run. Especially those exposed in close proximity.

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