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Loew: Now or never for Pavlik


It is funny that you think that. Boxing is an individual sport with a small team around you. When you train someone who makes you look bad because of his outside life and you take the heat when it is not your fualt than Jack has every right to say something especially when kellys mishandlers force him out to cali. Kelly is already drinking out there with Fernando Varges hahaha i mean its the same thing every where. So Jack has nice things because of the work he put in with kelly yes true, but kelly is what he is and has what he has because Jack Loew brought him to all of the tournaments and fighting events that got him noticed. You have to remember as well Jack had a gym that kelly pavlik walked into. If you want to talk about anyone talk about Mike Pavlik senior who has a million sitting in the bank because of his son for doing nothing and spending not sit there and say Jack has everything because of kelly because if it were not for Jack Kelly would have never boxed or gone anywhere. Plus you idiot all trainers get 10 percent of fighters and every big named fighter will put the trainers name out there but it was the training that people liked and why other fighters came to jack look at how they are doing with Jack... pretty f'ing good huh? no other trainer out there has brought a fighter from 10 years old to a world championship and then has another who is in the same track but more popular at his age than Kelly in POPO Salinas. so again my friend Jack has every right to not lie and tell the truth especially when he does not need to take the heat anymore for what kelly does to himself. watch and see how it unfolds and then we will talk...Kelly should have respected what Jack Loew did for him but he never has...

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Pavlik-Loew future in limbo

yea look at all of the fights who have done this and they just lose. Oscar Delahoya, Jermaine Taylor, and Ricky Hatton just to name a few. Kelly wont stop partying so he can be trained by jesus and it wont matter. My opinion is that Jack Loew has a great training resume and proves himself so people who neg. talk are just jealous or do not like him personally for some reason.

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Pavlik-Loew future in limbo

3 years ago when he lost his first fight and still was MW champ? yea hmm makes sense.

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Pavlik-Loew future in limbo

Not many boxer/trainer duo can say this but Jack made Kelly, Kelly did not make jack. Manny Pac mad Freddie.

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Popo Salinas now top-ranked 16-year-old boxer in U.S.

Great job POPO !! You will be the next champ!!! it helps that you have a championship trainer and gym on your side!!! I am a fan already you will have a big following!!!

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Pavlik pulls out of fight

Goman you make great points but where your ignorant with the subject is a big time trainer? Loew did not put the bottle to kellys mouth and he led him to the world championship plus 3 defenses. plus Loew beat steward 3 times. I agree boxing is great because you go on your practice and training performance, but you have to stay away from the partying. I just think people should stop pointing the finger at Loew and realize kelly has problems that only he can battle not to mention Loew has absolutely proven himself!

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

You are right on 2 things.... You are just a nurse not a boxing guy or nutritionist, and 2 kelly does make his own choices thats why he is a fall down drunk who is no where to be found and probably wont fight again because he cant get his act together. What a mess.

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

Kelly has been with Jack Loew since the beginning and honestly in my opinion 1 of the reasons why kelly wont leave jack is because he knows jack loew has been doing his job ...kelly knows what is upand knows he is the reason why he loses.If he were to listen to the blind people who always wants to blame it on Jack then he would go to freddie or whoever and lose their to because its not the training, its the fighter......honestly look at the training regimen that Jack Loew brought to the scene when kelly and him hit it big , they are using that all over the boxing world now. to be honest i dont think loew is making pavlik bad or look bad i think pavlik is making loew look bad! If kelly were a workaholic and did the right thing and progessively got worse then i wouldnt be stating these things, i would be agreeing with you. not to mention all of the boxing experience and pro experience loew has is also very good so the only thing worng in team pavlik are..... THE PAVLIKS!!

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

ytown, i understand your concern and first off the predictability and the way kelly is fighting is not the way he used to fight, lets admit the truth is he was unreal i mean the best middleweight ive seen in a long time. When as a fighter you are distracted outside the ring and your job and career are the last thing you care about and the only thing you want is the money...then yes you lose your love for it. I believe this has happened If you have ever been to an open workout to the publicis his last few fights, like me , its like pavlik in the ring does nothing that him and loew do in the gym. Being in the shape he is in and mentally with his problems makes him bad on fight night. not to mention i have a friend who is close to the camp and he says during preparation up to the fight in atlantic city or where ever, mike pavlik complains and yells at his son and mike pavliks friends the whole time which mentally hurts a fighter when so much comotion is going on its impossible to stay focused. Freddie Roach is a great trainer no doubt. but you have to understand being in LA is a great place to have a stable fighters just come and then when they get big like manny others will obviously follow. Jack has a disadvantage in youngstown but look at what he has accomplished and what he will accomplish!! It is really amazing and be a jack loew hater but i know more is to come from him and boxing i cant say the same for kelly!........BTW kelly has been drinking horribly all summer and wont go into the gym until 7 weeks out so again dont blame jack if kelly loses again . Lastly 2 things would have helped kelly pavlik be a mega star in the sport, have his dad be on the outside so he couldnt act like he is jack of all trades when he knows nothing at all about boxing or nutrition or weight lifting and managing, and 2 kelly took care of himself out of the ring and acted like a professional athlete.

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Tension builds in Team Pavlik

ytowndern you sound like you are personally involved you should say what your name is so when people hear who you are they can say oh its that nobody who knows nothing about boxing....i do know one thing ive seen kelly stagger out of bars to where he couldnt stand, be so so drunk he would do ignorant and obscene things in public...and guess what it was like 2 weeks before he would fight haha can anyone train a guy who lives like this outside the ring? also kelly i heard and he has said it in public refuses to go into training but 7 weeks out.... YTOWNDERN, let me tell you what else is obvious when pavlik was 190 i have a membership down the YMCA and his dad was there making him lift heavy 3 weeks before his fight haha what a moron. Freddie Roach only goes to the boxing gym with his guys , Loew takes them running and to the gym thats it. Loew gets ripped on by the haters who are trying to be a good trainer and arent or work hard every day of their life just like jack loew but make 10 bucks an hour and are jealous, or the only other person would be mike pavlik who knows nothing except he has to point fingers because GUESS WHAT his son is again out messing around and being a drunk idiot who will go in to camp again 7 weeks before a fight. So fat ass mike pavlik has to turn the heat from his son.......thats the truth and all you have to do is listen to the game plans and work out regimens in the gym to know jack got kelly to be a champ and himself to being a former trainer of the year nominee!!! GO JACK BRING US ANOTHER CHAMP TO SHUT THESE MORONS UP WHILE THE EXCHAMP HAS 5 BUCKS TO HIS NAME AND BORROWS MONEY OFF HIS DAD WHO GOT PAID (ROBBED KELLY) MILLIONS!!! HAHA

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