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Judge Dellick's son indicted on six felonies, nine counts overall

I bet every prisoner the judge put away, is anxiously waiting for this young new loverboy

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Obama campaign asks judge to force early voting

They just want to make sure EVERYONE has a fair chance to vote, Not everyone is a Ceo, and can leave work whenever they want , to go vote.they are thinking about all of us. not just the rich people, who can lose a day of work, what IDIOTS!

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Clinton: Obama stopped the slide

Ohio better wake up, if Obama hadn't bailed GM out, how many workers would have used up all their unemployment by now? things may not be where YOU want them, BUT you have a means to support your family, go ahead elect Romney, and see what happens then, START thinking about your responsibilities, and not all the negative thingsyou hear from the haters! This is america, we have homes to build, children to think about, (their future) it's not about US being greedy. We are ALL immigrants!!!!!!!!!!, we seem to be too stupid to realize this! I have listened to many Ohioans cry because they were afraid of losing their job at the Lordstown Plant, You have your job back, think about WHY.

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Jury acquits Dionte Robinson of murder charges

It's so amazing at how many post's i see on this page, first off, i am a white woman, who lives in another state, who keeps up with youngstown news. I am very happy to see there is finally justice being done!! for all you ignorant minded people who are so quick to call someone a thug!, get a life, it was a young man on the receiving end, and you could care less if an innocent man would have went to prison for life! STAN, we are so tired of your stupid comments, Do you have a life off the computer, I didn't think so! you should be ashamed of yourself for acting so childish. I bet most people would agree!!! with me

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Hagan: Why not drug-test officials?

i agree, but make sure you do not let them know in advance,

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In North Lima, ICE agents take custody of immigrants

if the ice agents would check out the marcellous shale worksites, they would find plenty more, they are flocking to the nw pa area, coming from texas to work, they probably think this is too remote of an area to get caught. i know this because i work in the hotel industry.

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Police probe hammer attack and rape on Youngstown's West Side

i'm not from youngstown, but i visited over the weekend, and yes i was there when these young men were shooting each other up, one of the kids involved, i happen to know. one thing i have noticed, i was there the entire weekend, and I ONLY SAW 1 POLICE CAR the entire time! it is plain to see, the police are scared to do their job! these kids are trying to make fast money, the dept needs to spend a little more money and pull trains on the weekends, just like farrell does,the 1 police car that i did see, was sitting in a plaza, doing nothing, hiding from applied for the job of public safety, now do your job!!i can certainly understand why families are moving away. if this continues, youngstown will be more broke, parents will not be letting their kids attend the university, it's going to be a ghost town, with nothing but little gangsters running it.oh, by the way, you could certainly help by shutting down all the little corner stores, and drive thru's. they seem to like to hang out, and see who they can rob!!! or make a law that they have to close by a certain time.drugs and alcohol play a big part of all of this! the state needs to step in and regulate now. it's a damn shame. that the grown ups, are letting these young punks run their lives!

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Woman interested in case of Jordan Brown

you all are a bunch of idiots, this is a child, who is in pain some where!! there is a possibility of help, you grown people should be ashamed of yourselves. what he did is wrong, but he should not be thrown away!! i hope none of you are in the mental health field.this lady seems to be a very loving woman, who has taken her time to understand children. enough said!

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Trumbull judge sends Warren man to prison for 32 years in drug case

if we would prosecute the users as well, and get them off the streets, maybe this might work also, start a rehabilitation while locked up, instead of just letting people rot in the system. there is a lot of injustice here.but 32 years is kind of harsh. he deserves to be punished, but this is a little too much.he did not hold a gun to their heads and make them use this junk. and if you think about it, the users will just go to the next dealer, or rob the next victim to support their habit, there's crime involved in every aspect here.are we focusing on this also?

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Campbell man gets 211/2 years for rape


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