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Read full transcript of President Obama's speech on the killing of bin Laden

its a great day for america thanks for our military ..i was put back by the fact the pres..wants to grab all the attention as if it was him personally that killed bin laden..
yes he made the decission ..ok..what else could he do..he had no choice..
this day is about america,,not a single person..
ok well about the # 2 man...and maybe we could get some help with the gangs on american soil..

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Youngstown schools lack critical curriculum, display many inconsistencies, report says

i am shocked..i was hoping having a black president would motivate the blacks into seeking higher goals..I also believed the president would do more for the poorer sections of our town with improved conditions.such as jobs..but i don not see any real CHANGE...

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Feds say solar project imperils desert tortoises

i believe dotty is trying to say..the usa caused the almost extinction of the american indian..we took their land,destroyed their habitat,life the name of progress...or the excuse the indians were of the devil..not christian thus ok to kill them as gen.custer was ordered to do..and he did..

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Ray, Drennen on right track as Youngstown councilmen

i am sure allot of plans and talk went on as the titanic was sinking...if the city could not make it when it had more people now???..and as if 26,000 for part time is not enough..
the only hope and possible future in the area is the coming marcelleus shall drilling,and the work it will bring..schools should be planning how to train the new work force..has the city been approached about any of its properties to sign a lease...lots of empty land there..and water from the filthy mah..river is a valuable commodity ...i hope so planns are in the works on how to take other towns are,,but y-town seems to be behind..
the new pipe mill is just a start..

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Convicted 52 times, man gets 10 years

lets see what the latest thief mahoning just caught..(bruno) of boardman..burgular..mahoning co..
i called my friend..lives in green township..mahoning co..he said goshen ( which patrols now) used to be mah,,co.sheriff..anyhow 38 breaks ins in a month...he just got hit at his house..called goshen 2 days ago,and they have not shown up yet for report..let alone look for fingerprints...and it looks like it will get worse...and the more interested in handing out more money for the lazy welfare bums than protecting tax payers... ..the pres..has done nothing for your town..please remember that in 2 yrs...

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

so john you were the past youth minister.what happen to that nice wife you had..probally long gone..ii would be if i were blew it man....see what happens when you turn against the lord...look in the miror...
whats wrong dont like freedom of spech..when it goes against you,,i really feel sorry for you john..what you became.. i said is of the devil...
and i nevr get tired of fighting the devil...and winning...truth hurts ..thats why you should go away from this site...

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

can this john ludt be the same person that was a youth minister at assembly of god church...same name...same age..
even then he seemed a bit burned out..
really we need a new subject and let the many faces of (eve) john-jamie-fed up-and who else talk to themself..

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

talk about crooks..1 of the biggest connected with the city in the past was the tow co's...what a racket..they have a city contract and absused it to death..stealing parts off towed cars..ect...passerilli was the biggest..dont know who does it now...

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

as i stated before one example of the past corrupt city involved sgt..taylor ( buddy)
he would make thge prositutes on market him a percent of they take..he would steal from houses he was sent to check during a breakin..he would steal evidence..this is a fact...and was reported several times to his supervisors..but nothing was done...until lhe was fired for shoplifting in liberty,and later found dead...
investagation closed...the police and city was relieved he was killed..and so were the hookers...
what i am saying is jamies problems are so minor compared to many things that went on,and maybe still are...

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Youngstown man caught tailing officers

ok i had my drink and went to the toilet..
i agree allot what is said..the city is corrupt..police also..judges..ect..not all but enough..the system is broken..sure they all allot of crooks..the tax collector for 1..i still have property in mahoning co..and the taxes are outrageous for what i officials are very overpaid,,and cheat to get overtime..i dont need to know more about the problems i want to hear a solution..
what is needed as i said before is a citizen reveiw group .looking into the problems..
i said jamie should file a complaint with the FBI--or afl-cl whatever group handles civil rights complaints..and there is always a civil court..that needs no prosector..

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