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Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2

Remember RedVert, these people are the ones who strike and picket against there employers. You think they are worried about trying to work harder to earn their way up the totem pole. Nope. Instead of working hard, they want to fight for the same pay and rights as the workers that do work their asses off. If I have a worker coming at me complaining they aren't getting paid enough, than I'm probably not going to make it a point to give them a raise. Now the ones that sit back, don't cause rifts with our other employees, and work their asses off on a daily basis, they will be rewarded. I don't reward EGOS, I don't reward people that BEG for handouts, and I surely don't reward a COMPLAINER. What is the main purpose of the UNION. To constantly COMPLAIN about there pay, to cater to the EGOS of workers who think they are worth more than they are, and to BEG for as much as they can get. And if they don't get their way they pout and put on cry baby strikes because the aren't getting hand outs.

Get over your sense of ENTITLEMENT people. Why did the NBA go on strike? Because he players continually pushed for more and more money until the league couldn't afford to give them anymore. Now that the league pushed back to save themselves from taking a loss, they have their all mighty union fighting for there rights. Well here is news flash. If the business model is broke, and he owners who spend their money are losing money, they should have the right to make changes in order to get out of the red. You all don't think about the businesses that are losing money, instead you are selfishly out to get as much as you can from that business that employs you.

Well union people. That model is broke. Greece is showing that right now. You can't ask for more and more until all the money is tapped out.

November 9, 2011 at 12:55 p.m. suggest removal

Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2

Wow your telling people to leave YOUNGSTOWN, OH!!!! Trust me I did years ago, I just can't believe you all actually have a chance to finally make up for the years of Unions crippling this state, and you throw it away. The Union has you all so brainwashed it sickens me. I'm doing just fine for myself and my family. Keep following your union, and letting them cripple the state more and more, and than don't cry when no one wants to bail you out. Remember us business owners employ you people. We risk our money to give as many people jobs that our company can possibly afford. We work for our money just like our employees. You all are fooled into thinking business owners are scum, and use all the money their company makes to support themselves. Maybe for some bad business owners but the good ones pay themselves for the work they put in. We need the profit to expand business. We need to grow in order to hire more workers. We need to grow in order to pay for equipment to complete jobs. But when the union jumps in, they don't care about the business growing. They care about getting the majority of the businesses employees to turn on there business, so they can scam them out of as much money as they can. They will take their cut from the business, they will darn sure get their cut from you, and than when the business can't afford to continue paying into the unions demands, they will shut down, and the union will be on to the next company. Get a clue people. These UNIONS are THUGS, whether you want to believe it or not. They just used $30 million dollars to make sure this law didn't pass. They used $400 million dollars to ensure Obama was voted in.

November 9, 2011 at 12:16 p.m. suggest removal

Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2

And yes my family owns a business, and yes we have been repeatedly targets of Union Thugs scare tactics. They have shot up our work trucks. They have sent in spies. They have threatened to get the state not to pay us. They have actually stated "we won't stop until we get what we want." They call OSHA with false safety issues, and waste ours and OSHA's time. They have sued us for supposedly reneging on a verbal agreement (that was thrown out instantly). We get rewarded a job, within seconds we have union reps on the phone. Within the hour Union Reps at our door. Within 2 hours Union Reps were on our job site trying to dig up what ever they can.

This is how the union helps it's members. It tries to scare the businesses into hiring them. But don't be fooled union workers. We are more than happy to hire you, but unless we sign that union agreement so the union could tap us out, they won't let you come to work. So yes they will get you a job, but only if it benefits them.

November 9, 2011 at 11:45 a.m. suggest removal

Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2

You Union Supporters Crack Me Up!!!!! Keep going out and threatening businesses with your thug like scare tactics, and wonder why all the businesses are closed, or moved elsewhere. Keep pretending the Union is looking out for what's best for the employees. All they care about is raking in there cut from businesses and their very own union members. They talk about how they will get you a job, but than when a non union company is ready to take you in with open arms, and offers good pay, the union won't allow it because that company isn't union so they won't be able to collect their money, and use it to self promote their campaigns. Keep keeping the Union strong, and keep watching the country fall. Just like Greece. You can't just keep begging for more and more, and expect everyone to fold to your demands.

November 9, 2011 at 11:35 a.m. suggest removal

Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2

This is why Ohio and Youngstown are dumps. Keep letting the Union fight for the rights of the lazy ass workers in Ohio. You all just voted yourselves further into the ground and your to stupid to realize it.

November 9, 2011 at 10:26 a.m. suggest removal


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