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YSU’s future is bleak

@YSUisYoungstown: Amen!

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Fallout from the drop

@walter_sobchak: Perfectly stated.

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Is YSU’s prez tough enough?

@mrosem14: Amen! Perfectly stated.

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Census deadline today

Sorry, too late. I never received a 2010 Census form (by mail or any other means). I never had a census worker come to my door -- or at least if someone did and I wasn't home, no form was left for me.

I'm sorry if I won't be counted, but it should be up to the census folks to find us (I live in a busy and populated area, one that is hard to miss). I'm always easily contacted by the IRS, the county treasurer, and anyone else who has a desire to get some money. Why have the census people had such trouble finding me?

btw, urging us to call some number or go to some website is the wrong way around. If we can be found for taxes, we should also be locatable for census stuff.

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New airport manager believes more flights on the way

@valleyred: I think your recommendations are very good. I'd also like to see Delta have a flight or two to Cincinnati (a Delta hub), and maybe a USAirways flight to Philadelphia (one of their hubs).

Too much to hope for? Maybe, but I'd sure like to see a local alternative to 1+ hour drives to Cleveland, Akron/Canton, and Pittsburgh.

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Harold Gwin Retires

The word "gentleman" is exactly correct. Best wishes, Harold.

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Another bear spotted

Get the strawberry shortcake ready! :)

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Boardman bear caper ends with shortcake

Shortcake: The paws that refreshes. :)

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Boardman bear caper ends with shortcake

He's probably seen that jelly-doughnut ruse 100 times already. Plus, strawberries are in season! ;)

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