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Mass. police put the squeeze on toothpaste thief

Now that's what I call having a brush with the law!

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‘Caveman caucuses’ overreach

This has to be one of the best Bertram de Souza columns EVER.

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UPDATE: Hagan petition to get Limbaugh off Youngstown airwaves gaining support

This is not about freedom of speech. Rush Limbaugh is, as are all syndicated talk-show hosts, a businessman. He sells a product (his show). Radio stations are free to buy it, or not. At the same time, the people who are supposed to be served by a radio station have the right to ask the station to carry, or not carry, certain programs.

Had someone suggested that Mr. Limbaugh not be ALLOWED to offer his radio show, or to have a website, or to express his opinions in any venue, down to a soapbox on a street corner, THAT would be an abridgement of freedom of speech. But his offering of a talk show and the decision to carry that show or not have nothing to do with limiting free speech.

For what it's worth: Yes, of course, Bill Maher's comments were equally offensive. And everything said above applies to him as well.

It is important to understand the difference between freedom of speech and the offering of speech as a commercial product.

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A day not to be forgotten

Nice column, Dennis. I remember that day well. It was one of those "feel good about America" days.

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UPDATE | Most 'Super' Bud commercial they did not use

I didn't see all of them, but wow, the Clint Eastwood one has to win some sort of prize. Outstanding.

Great job monitoring all of these, Todd. Did you have a chance to watch the game too? :)

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GOP playing with fire

Amen!! Perfectly stated and right on-target, Mr. de Souza.

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Applied technology

How nice. Trustees and department heads get nice iPads, while students work in computer labs with old machines that are still running Windows XP (if they run at all), plus the students have print limits and still pay lab fees for these "privileges." Many classrooms have no computer projection facilities, and staff support for academic computing is practically nonexistent.

Way to prioritize, YSU.

To borrow a theme from the Warren Tribune Chronicle (sorry about that, Vindy): An ORCHID for the new iPads, and an ONION for the concurrent neglect of academic computing needs.

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Cattle die in early morning crash

I wonder if someone t-boned the truck??

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Armed robber strikes Handel’s ice cream on 422

The Vindy certainly scooped this one! :)

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Dear Yo: If you are to add traffic cameras, then reduce traffic lights

Certainly there are some signals that need to be removed even without any consideration of the speed cameras. And many others need to be upgraded to have at least a bit of intelligence by having traffic sensors installed on the streets. I think many signals are without those sensors, and so they go through the same mindless sequence of light changes regardless of time of day or traffic load.

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