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Clint Eastwood riles GOP crowd tonight, ridicules Obama

I thought Clint Eastwood made a sad and embarrassing performance. And I would say the same thing if he had done it at the DNC instead of the RNC.

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NASA provides nada

@cambridge, @jeepers, @DwightK: I had a very long reply drafted in response to this letter, but your replies said what I wanted to, in a lot fewer words. Thanks.

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Bege Bowers to deliver keynote address at YSU graduation Aug. 18

This is a wonderful honor for one of the most hard-working and selfless employees at YSU. Bravo, Bege!

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Stand up for Chick-fil-A

I don't want to get into the whole Chick-fil-A debate, but I'll address this question asked by the author of the letter: "Last I looked don’t we all have freedom of speech, or can we only give our opinion when it is line with the left wing?" The answer, of course, is that freedom of speech applies to everyone. If the author doesn't think that conservatives have a right to free speech, he should tune in to FoxNews sometime.

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Wait for Route 224 soil cleanup continues

Why on earth has it taken 30 years (!!) for this problem to be fixed -- and that's assuming that it IS fixed in the next month or so? Could it be that the stretch of highway was in a rural area surrounded by few residents with no political or economic clout? Can you imagine how quickly this would have been fixed if the affected area were near the home or business of any prominent politicians or big campaign donors? The residents of that area and the owners of Dairy 224 deserved much better than this.

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Summer & travel & tunes

"Take it Easy" by The Eagles.

"Joy To the World" by Three Dog Night.

"It's Summertime" by The Jamies. In particular, this one will give you and your family the opportunity for some multi-part harmony! :)

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A lot of winners have become losers in not-so-Happy Valley

This is an excellent editorial.

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Terminated and frustrated

What's next? Are employees supposed to help shoplifters carry their stuff to their car?? Mr. Torres, I hope that other employers contact you ASAP. You deserve much better than this.

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GOP should not be allowed to undermine constitution

An excellent editorial on a very important subject. Thanks to the Vindy for this.

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Cancer Relays back on track

I agree with Education_Voter. What a stunning photo!

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