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A labor of love ends after 41 great years

Dennis: I have always enjoyed your writing (one of the most eloquent pieces was your tribute to Mark Shutes years ago). When you have the opportunity to pen a column under your own name, you always produce a wonderful product.

Very best wishes on your retirement.

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Happy National Grammar Day!

I agree with all of these observations, and I would add:

"your" vs. "you're"

"definitely" vs. "defiantly" (or other variations)

As for "clean" vs. "clean up," I usually think of "clean" being applied to something fairly small, like cleaning a plate or cleaning a window. "Clean up," on the other hand, seems to imply something of a larger project like cleaning up a room or cleaning up a park. Also, I think the addition of "up" gives the implication that the cleaning includes the picking up or gathering up of items in addition to more surface-related cleaning like washing, rinsing, or dusting.

Anyway, thanks for an interesting and thought-provoking column. I cringe at the misuse of English, especially as it appears on Internet postings.

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Ex-President George H.W. Bush sends Obama regards

I didn't always agree with Bush 41's policies, but this was a classy thing to do.

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Protests unfurl over display of flag at Allen's office

It's ironic that the government that he thinks is in "distress" is the very same one that guarantees his right to free speech, including doing disrespectful things to the flag. I agree that he has the right to fly the flag anyway he wants, but I'd love to see him spend some time in some other country where they might treat his flag antics with a much less measured response. Maybe then he would get a better understanding of what a government in distress really is.

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For president: Barack Obama

I believe that the Vindicator has made the right call and for the right reasons.

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Republican hypocrisy exposed

I agree completely!

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For Oscar Ghirardi, a day so sweet, turning 103

What a wonderful story! God bless them both.

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Soup kitchen visit by Ryan stirs anger

Because of this ridiculous photo-op visit, I will do two things today:

1. Donate to the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

2. Donate to the Obama/Biden campaign.

Way to go, Ryan.

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Romney’s loss would spur Kasich

Oh, trust me, if Kasich is re-elected, I will indeed "watch out." I'll watch out for more attacks on unions and the middle class, for more chances to call police "idiots," and for more interminable State of the State addresses with plenty of references to wackadoodles. Surely the Republicans can do better than that. And if they can't, they should just fold up.

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