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President earned another term

Bush was a democrat and newt was behind clinton truth is truth and fact is fact. look it up its all true and btw gm would have never gone out of biz

btw check out for all the real news

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Retail plaza to join string of new Boardman projects

This is a joke what stooge RINO Costello is quoted "
Boardman is the center of shopping, dining and entertainment for the Valley, and this is where the businesses know the people will be,” Costello gimme a break RINO there is nothing left, look at the empty buildings on market street, look at the old bortman maintenance building broken windows facing southern park autoparts and Think the township should site there self on this one. look at the salt dome on market street are there any shingles left on the building? look at the greater bortman plaza how many empty stores do you see?
RINO Costello said "He added that the township works to be business-friendly, especially the zoning and fire prevention offices that enforce development regulations." The The fire prevention nazi causes more business to leave Bortman then stay. The ghetto park mall is going the way of Euclid's Concrete Oasis! Sears isn't even open past 8pm anymore and the mall security service calls that end of the mall the ghetto.

checkout the bortman ghetto map for more information change we can believe in

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