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Nuisance order locks up Cell

first of all. Jayjays is closed also. second. College kids do not want 18 year old high school innercity kids running around our bars. We have to deal with them on campus due to to YEC program and frankly being a senior, the high school crap is getting old I am 23 years old. I dont want some 18 year old running around in a drunk stupor. Close THE CELL and while your at it drive over to Mickeys on Belmont and look in the back... Ill show you half the YSU freshman class... who are all 18 years old. Lets start making Youngstown have some class. Make the bars strict, make owners accountable. I have pride in YSU and Youngstown lets clean out the trash.

January 9, 2009 at 11:05 p.m. suggest removal