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Royal Oaks gets rescued

This place is absolutely disgusting and I don't think even this show could make it any better. Run a bulldozer through it, I'd watch that show!

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Royal Oaks undergoes stress test for ‘Bar Rescue’

This bar needed rescued a long long time ago. I for one can't wait to see Taffer lay into them for running such a disgusting, grimy place.

And to think that place sold FOOD.


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Woman, 38, can't explain why she just started heroin

Hooks got hooked lol

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Woman, 38, can't explain why she just started heroin

Hooks got hooked lol

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Lake Newport became a cesspool

The Unions are clearly to blame here. Raising costs, protesting, just doing what unions do to make things unaffordable. That's the whole reason our potholes are irreparable. Now we have this sewage system to blame. We will never get it fixed because unions will not allow it to come to fruition.

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AtownAugie, I applaud you for your stretch in saying that. It's too apparent that this forum will turn into a no accountability pity party. Addicts are thieves and criminals but in every single one of these stories, the addict is cast in an illuminating light of being a good person. They are druggies, thieves, they bring crime to our towns. But these people on this website (most are probably junkies themselves) will bash those who are calling a spade a spade.

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Sad end to Gina's troubled life

There were no tea bags. The mother is covering up for her own crimes. Maybe her daughter and Williams knew each other. Lots of possibilities...

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Birth mom of slain girl hospitalized for likely drug OD

And now we will begin to learn the TRUE story behind this once seemingly "random" act of violence. Perhaps there wasn't any "tea bags" involved. Drug deal gone bad? Apples don't fall far from the tree. How tragic is it that a daughter loses her life because of a lifestyle she was unwittingly brought into.

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Cruze sales down 20 percent, up 8 percent overall

Perhaps the public is finally realizing the junk that GM is putting out is horrible. Remember the recalls? Foreign car companies avoid using a unionized labor force. Drugs and gambling are all prevalent in the uAW. Unions protect the bottom feeders who put together these junk cars.

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Youngstown officials unclear on who can hire downtown director

I would bet the job goes to someone already retired and collecting a pension. That would make all kinds of fiscal sense.
Perhaps this role will be filled by Phil Kidd, the anti progress spokesman.

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