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Ohio official fired over alleged harassment

does this mean workers for the State of Ohio can just stay home and do nothing instead of wasteing gas to drive somewhere and do nothing? I see the savings already if so....

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Bus driver finds body on Champion school playground

if he was found with a knife in his back, would they investigate a horrible case of SUICIDE lol

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FirstEnergy heeds state, postpones bulb program

And by the way...why does the "state" get credit for the postponement of this lightbulb idea, and not "we the people", who raised holy hell over this?

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FirstEnergy heeds state, postpones bulb program

dont need to short our electric bill. Lets just go to the dollar store, buy a regular incendecent light bulb,.. and mail it to First Energy, I think they will get the idea!

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Rep. Ryan speaks to invitation -only group about health care

well, he can go back to DC and say he had a little town-hall type meeting and there were no protesters present, and he will be telling the truth! what a spinless,worthless use of human skin!

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Accused child molester to get mental evaluation

he doesn't need a mental evaluation. He molested a child, that should tell everyone his mental state. Lock him up for life. (Only because we dont have the death penalty for these kinds of hanius acts against children)

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Library sculpture thief pleads

the families must be so proud

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City OKs $242,000 to begin cleanup at V&M expansion site

its only a 5 miilion $ report on LAND STUDY for clean up, relax people,.. they are not done raping our wallets yet, My opion...they (Youngstown) was looking at the bailout money with no homework, (free $) If it fails, to them (Youngstown) Its more tax $ that they use for another wasted project that hits the city cooffers, hell ,maybe we can use it for another party on the plaza.

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Former Lawrence treasurer gets probation in tax case

what, no restitution of taxpayer $

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Naked bikers ride through Philadelphia

pictures?....most of the cyclists you see today that are clothed in their cycling attire looks like 10 lbs of oatmeal packed into a 5lbs package, you sure you would want to see that unpackaged?... lol

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