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Ohio Lamp is one of the last US lamp plants standing for one reason. We have been competitive, even with low wage countries. It is only due to decreased volume that we have fallen out of line with global cost on some lamp types. We may be the best paid lamp makers in the world but we are also the most productive.
We lost a whole department to china about ten years ago. When I asked what we could do to reduce cost, the answer was. "There is nothing you can do, we can have them delivered to our ports ready to sell for less than we can buy materials to make them." " If you worked for free the lamps would still go." GE, rightly so, will take your production and move it somewhere else if you do not remain competitive.
As for saying we make to much... everybody that works for GE makes good money from the paper pushers to the production workers. It does not matter if you are a paper pusher, production worker, or manager. Each job is equally important and necessary to complete the final task. I do not understand the mentality of "you make to much" Why drag every one down when you could rise up instead? So TB I say to you, If you feel that you are not worth $27 dollars an hour, keep making less. I have been looking for a job and from what I have found, I will continue making $27. I will have to move to get it, but it is possible. I am skilled and I have a college degree, I choose to work with my hands because it is what I prefer.

Again I have to ask " Why does it matter how much money I make if I can make the same thing for less than someone else" We do it everyday at Ohio Lamp. That is why we continually strive to be the best lamp makers in the world.

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