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Proposed racino near New Castle remains on track

Build a casino every 20 square miles and see if those revenue projections hold. You have to be dreaming! Casinos are not a producer of goods and real services, only tax revenue. And that's all local pols are worried about; their own pocket, not the good of the community. The old and the poor support these rip-off joints. The rest of us are too busy working to waste a dime there.

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Browns brass skips Manziel’s workout

The Browns front office, whoever they are this week, will do whatever it takes to disappoint the people who shell out hard earned money every year to buy tickets and paraphernalia. Those purchases and the TV contract will line their pockets no matter what kind of second rate talent they put on the field.

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US Airways closing flight center at Pittsburgh International Airport

Fewer airlines=less competition=even higher prices.

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Haslam extends Browns’ legacy of mistakes

Judging by how he runs Pilot/Flying J, Haslam treats the Browns fans the same way he treated his trucking company customers......Well, just ask the Justice Dept for a complete picture.

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Stocks edge higher after Sysco acquisition

Even more monotony and sameness and boring restaurant fare because of this buyout. Ugh!

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Pope redefines office, tells almoner 'go out and look for the poor'

This is a beautifully constructed PR campaign. It doesn't amount to a drop in the bucket as far as the needs of the poor are concerned. Behind the PR nothing has changed. The intifada on the sisterhood continues. Abusive clergy are still protected and payoffs for silence continue. Women are still a lower caste in this church. Vatican financial scandals are still covered up.This church is stuck in the 9th century. That era wasn't called the 'Dark Ages' for nothing. Don't accept a ride from the guy offering candy.

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DeWine to unveil plans for longer prison sentences for Ohioans convicted of gun crimes

Those longer prison sentences will cost the taxpayer an additional $40,000 per year per prisoner-minimum. Just so a phony career pol like Dewine can siphon up a few more votes from the knee jerk non-thinkers out there. From the tone of these comments, it's working. We get the government we deserve!

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TV viewer alerted Augusta officials of Tiger's violation

When an umpire in pro baseball blows a call at first base or home plate a TV viewer should be able to call in several innings later, change the call, declare the ump's call void and the team should forfeit the game, right? Or maybe once a decision is made, that's it and everyone moves on.
Get a life, folks. I'm much more concerned with fixing the hook on my own drive than what spoiled millionaire rich kids are doing at a country club I will never have the resources to play at. The next time any of you take a 'gimme' in stroke play, be sure to disqualify yourselves, or you'll destroy the sport and sully your precious integrity.

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Plain Dealer to have home delivery only three days a week

News'papers' haven't yet figured out a decent online format. People still want a daily paper that is delivered and are willing to pay. But immediate corporate profit supersedes the public interest and long term viability. Fold the tent up boys, the circus is over.

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The state’s early-voting laws need changes, secretary of state says

Are you calling Mr. Husted incompetent or crooked? After all, Mr. Toycannon, Husted is the chief elections officer in the state. Is he such a lousy Secretary of State that he seems to allow, or worse, be unaware of such voter fraud? Have you advised him and the Attorney General and other law enforcement of this fraud you know of? Or do you, like so many others, treat your fantasies as reality and use them to carelessly smear others who don't live in the same tin hat make believe world you inhabit?

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