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Blitz Man-ia

I will admit, this is a good contest this year, BUT I still have a 3 point lead. So... yeah.

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Blitz Man-ia

Relax dawg. You still have plenty of time! Perhaps you should read up on the basics of football *before* blitzpicks starts this year:

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Blitz Man-ia

Just barely fifey doggy! Just barely ahead of me.

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Blitz Man-ia

Eagle meat? Like from Giant Eagle's deli?

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Blitz Man-ia

I gave you a head start last week Pfifey. I'm over feeling generous, now it's game time!

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NYC executive gives panhandler a lot of credit

Totally awesome. *like*

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Blitz Man-ia

And so it begins...

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Hi me!

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Hubbard at Poland (Week One, 2010 season)

All bark and no bite Pfifey doggy! I'll see you at the polls...

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The Blitz Show: Week 12

These are great! I love all the funny bits thrown in, the sound effects and animations!

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