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School’s name triggers group’s ire

It's really ridiculous how people can argue racism over a name of a school. It's really sad to hear how blacks are always at target for not being sh**. When the comments are spoken about blacks, their parents, their thug look etc. I would like to no what makes a white child or parent any better? Tell me why, because in youngstown it's just not blacks it's whites to. And as a mother of 3 in the youngstown city school district I am very involved with my sons and their education. When someone wants to speak on a individual of any color it targets all colors. Just as there is blacks with foodstamps, medical and cash assistance, their are whites. The color should not be judged by the character of the person. And thats really the problem in the world now, people are so caught up on the color that they do not take the time to look at whats really going on. Bottom-line when people are committing violence, when their are children that don't want to learn, when you see that so called thug look, when their are parents not taking time out with their children with their education, ITS ALL RACES! It is not, no where labled as blacks. When you speak on youngstown city schools Wendy Webb is the one to blame. She is the one that tore down all these school making other schools hold 30 kids in each classroom or more. Limiting their education for the attention they need. Since she has been on the board it's been nothing but headaches. To speak on Boardman schools yes, they have a solid educational structure, and less activity is out there. I love boardman and I acknowledge how they operate on their entire township. They are great, but being white does not make no one better than the other. Just because you see majority blacks not giving a D*** does not mean all are the same. I have been a real mother caring for my kids on my own, and helping them to learn and be the best they can be, so I will say again not all BLACKS are going down the wrong road. Are their whites on welfare? Are their whites that commit violence? Are their white children that mothers don't take time out with? Are their whites that sell drugs? Are all white people financially stable? You no the answer and thats my point.

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