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Police dog’s death being investigated

I would like to correct the notion some people have that this dog was left in an 80 degree car on an 80 degree day. The interior of this locked car was probably closer to 120 degrees or more with the canine officer Chico, being completely cloaked in a fur coat besides. These officers are trained to be aware of this hazard when citing citizens for child or animal cruelty. What I just can't understand is that it was stated the car the dog died in was actually parked at the rear of the police department when it happened. Not out on a call, etc as someone else thought. So where was everyone else? Weren't there any other police going in or out of the station that may have noticed what was happening? Or were they just feeling so comfortable (out of the unbearable stifling heat) in their nice air-conditioned building, the day away -like cops are famous for- that they couldn't bother to be concerned that one of their fellow officers (chico) who would have died protecting THEM, was fighting for his life and slowly burning a horrible death in that car while no one even cared. He was surely waiting for the people he loved to come save HIM as he would them, but there was no one there for him. Let this also be a lesson to others who drag their pets along in the name of love on hot or cold days. I love my pets too....enough to leave them home where they belong and where I know they are safe from situations like this. Everywhere I go, I see people leaving their animals in cars with windows up or cracked a little, thinking they are just going to run in a store and be out in a minute. That is a joke. Who are you kidding! No one knows how long it is going to take to check out or if they are going to run into someone they know...etc. etc. Unfortuntly a few minutes is all it takes. Have you ever sat in a hot car with a window cracked a couple inches. Try it some day, in a fur coat to boot. You'll soon learn how hot it is. Please people, leave your pets at home if you are going somewhere you can't take them in with you. That is true love.

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