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Libertarians switch names in Ohio ballot effort

Good luck Gary. I think you might have a shot with the competition you have out there.

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | GOP nominee wraps up YSU speech

DwightK, I think he wants to go back to 1861. The good old days of manifest destiny and slavery. Certainly he doesn't want anything after the civil war. Anything that allowed women to have a say, equal opportunity, gay rights, or any other progressive thoughts.

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Jacob Iarosa has first hearing on murder charge in adult court Friday

This kid has to have some serious mental health issues. What he did screams mental illness. I wonder if his lawyer has had him evaluated? What he done was beyond anything most adults would be capable of let alone a 15 year old would be capable of doing. This was a brutal murder.

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Four US swimmers robbed at gunpoint

RIO DE JANEIRO much like Porto Rico is a cesspool. Why anyone would go to either place is beyond me. I've been to both while in the military. They're filthy disgusting pig styes. It is sad that the Olympic Committee allowed this place to have the summer Olympics.

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Boardman police investigating poisoning of three dogs

What is the matter with people? To do something so cruel to an animal that done nothing wrong screams mental illness. Cowards.

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Judge dismisses convictions of 3 men imprisoned for 20 years

So why no charges against this supervising prosecutor?

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | GOP nominee wraps up YSU speech

Yep, call it anything you like, that don't make it go away. Again he had no specifics of a plan, just a bunch he is the only one that can do it, we will love it, and he will make America Great again. What is his plan. ISIS isn't a country you go and attack, it has no territory, no boundaries.

LivesInWarren, are you willing to go fight, send your kids, your grand kids? Calling something by a specific name don't make one have the ability to concur it. If Trump had a plan, any plan for anything, I might agree with you. I've yet to hear a plan, any plan for any thing.

I'm no Hillatard supporter, I just don't know who I will vote for at this point. I can't brag for either of the major party candidates. My biggest problems with the Trumpiteer is NO PLAN and his constant lack of ability to address any idea without insulting a race, gender, religion, or some group. I can identify that.

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | GOP nominee wraps up YSU speech

So The Don believes he as president can write any policy he wishes without congress or the senate having any say. Good luck with that Donny.

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | Will call for new ideological test for admission to US

Walter, the election isn't here yet, give him time.

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Trumbull County commissioners meet Tuesday

Well, I guess they have to figure out how to cover the cost of their insurance rates since they hired a subpar contractor for the sewer lines in Vienna and Kinsman and now have to pay him anyway. These three buttclowns need to go.

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