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Challenger questions sincerity of Auditor Sciortino's apology

If I heard the auditor correctly he said he moved beyond the event. That's not an apology in my book. I had children that always moved beyond something when caught, instead of standing up and taking their punishment.

" I'm sorry " always leaves me wondering if it's " I'm sorry I was caught " or " I'm sorry for what I did " What I didn't see was an apology to the officer he helped lose rank.

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Dellick accused in 2 other road-rage incidents; special prosecutor considered

Clearly a Judgment should have been rendered at home a long time ago! We wouldn't been subjected to this continuing behavior publicly now. Madam up and parent your child!

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Aircraft marks a shift in warfare

Same outcome with death and destruction, but no human finger to blame.

As quickly as the current methods deny responsibility, do we need a method to escape any responsibility?

As for Big Brother I'm sure these posts have already be determined to be anti Government Photoman............

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Occupy Youngstown protestors plan to hold their ground

This whole issue was handled poorly.

A permit to demonstrate is required, that's a fact. Surely there are requirements on the permit. What was issued seems to have been a permit to lay siege to Youngstown not demonstrate. Mistake one.

Free speech is every citizens right. However the definition of demonstration wasn't defined and held to.

Take out a permit for 8 hour demonstration for specified hours after which the demonstrators leave in a mannerly fashion taking any litter they created with them.

Still want to exercise free speech O.K. Apply for another permit with conditions explained. And so forth.

It does seem that free reign was given and I can't help but think being against Issue 2 helped grease the wheels in City Hall.

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2 sides of Issue 2

As a voter and taxpayer I have to decide who will run my Government, an elected official or some Union Official.
If you doubt this look around you this week-end at the out of state monies being spent to change SB5, an Ohio law. Those dollars are union dollars to affect an state issue no matter the view point of the union member who was used to pay for it.
Unions have their place but this isn't where it should be. Without viable business and solvent Government the union halls would be more empty buildings on the real estate list.

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GOP lawmakers ponder Labor Day participation

The reporting above leaves me wondering where the civility has gone? Can we no longer disagree in policy and be invited to attend public affairs? Banning someone because they have a different point of view, doesn't sound like the founding principles on which this country was built.
Instead of conversation and debate we now vilify someone if they differ in their thinking. This carried to extremes can not end well. And yet this is just what I heard from many political leaders in this issue of State Issue 5 not so long ago. From the Democratic Chair ,State Representative, Congressman and local people, even some police spokesman. Irresponsible behavior for people who are in the lead.

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‘No one wins in a strike’ is a phrase worth remembering

This has been a short coming of man from the beginning of time. One watching another, thinking the other has a better situation. They performed out of survival, today that's not the case.

The article above was in my estimation was written well and with no bias. After reading the post of Penguinfan1 I sense bias in the post not the article. A journalist reports the facts in a clear, concise fashion, no matter personal feelings. If any bias, it's in the readers take of the facts.

The State Treasury is in sad shape, many more than officially reported out of work. People are doing less with less because that is what you do to survive. In this climate we find those who want their world to just continue on as if nothing were amiss. Close your books people and come out in the light of day, look at what the rest of us are living with.

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Ryan wants YSU faculty pact situation 'resolved in a reasonable manner'

I believe both side are represented by mature, well educated people. Therefore, I see no need for any form of Government involvement. Let's not politicize, what is no more than a labor agreement difference.
God knows after the debt ceiling debacle the last thing we need is more pork barrel pandering from Mr. Ryan or any other official.

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Well said, I as well. I prefer results over promises unkempt.

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Local Dems uncertain about prez

I have been receiving Senator Brown's news letter for some time now. In each there is a poll of current issues with the request to respond. Each time I have tried to do so and each time was faced with the same dilemma. My opinions couldn't be given with the choices there before me. This last letter I wrote in asking that a more balanced poll be offered, as I realized the party slant evident. I'm a registered Democrat however not chained to a party line but the free thinking son that my parents raised. As a Senator for all citizens could he offer a well rounded number of choices? My answer was one of No Response. I used to write Senator Voinavich and was at least given the respect of a response.
As for Mr. David Betras I'm afraid he will be the reason I become a Republican if Change doesn't occur in the valley soon.

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