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Quick lesson in media magic

Thank you for the compliments! I'm so happy that my story was able to generate, via good people like the Lariccias, the donations necessary to keep an organization like the Cat Ladies Society afloat. It is so much more than I was hoping for, and I'm looking forward to writing many more stories for the Vindicator. : )

In response to 1970Mach1's comment, the Cat Ladies Society is actually correct in classifying itself as "no kill" - they actually take animals from other shelters who are ready to euthanize them based on age, breed, temperment, etc. The only time they euthanize is if they are beyond medical help, or if they have a disease such as Feline Leukemia which is highly contagious and lethal to the other shelter animals. But, I understand your frustration with other shelters who do euthanize based on how adoptable the animal is.

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