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Man killed on North Side

sorry missed spelled along and second in my comment

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Man killed on North Side

First thing is first. Why can't we all get alonmg. Secon thing and the most important is that a young man's life was stolen. It doesn't matter who he was or what he may have done but a person does not need to be gunned down like an animal. We live in a society that is full of animals and for people to blame it on one race or the other. You should be ashamed of yourselves for playing a race card. There is no such thing as perfect and no one deserves to be killed. My heart and prayers go out to this family in their time of need! Please people instead of talking ill about the dead please let them rest in peace.

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I-70 reopened to traffic after deadly crash earlier today

Everyone needs to pray for the victims along with their families!

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Youngstown to end pact with MYCAP before Feb.

I'm so sick about hearing about Jay Williams. Seriously he doesn't even do half of what he says he is going to do. I don't know why anyone even voted for him they must have played the race card to get in. Youngstown's mayor is just another sheep!

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MYCAP director: Probe would vindicate agency

How dare you people say rude things about Jason Roller! none of you even know him. He is a good man and cares about the children. SO SHUT UP! People need to stop jumping to conclusions about Roller's family! Just because people are related doesn't mean they are all the same! There are many workplaces that hire their family members when one of the members get fired for stealing they all do not get fired. Just to let HAYDEN THOMAS ,UNION FOREVER AND MILLIE KNOW THAT PEOPLE SHOULDN'T JUMP TO CONCLUSION ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE. SO SHUT UP!

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