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Youngstown lawmakers reject fines for exceeding residential trash limits

I personally don't like Waste Management. There were many times WM didnt pick up trash until 5pm sometimes they forgot a couple of streets then when we all called it took two days for them to pick it up. With WM there was trash scattered up and down streets on trash day because they didnt care I don't know how many broken trash cans or cans rolling down the street when it wasn't windy out. Give the city a chance so far It's doing a great job over here people are pollite and kind . If you are putting trash out and you forget something they will let you grab it. WM just wrote a note saying trash is to be put out at 5am on the object and leave it. O yes I love the fact trash is gone before 7 am everytime . Basically everything that WM did horriblely the city is doing great. I like the City and glad they were smart enough to realize no trash limit.

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Hubbard police investigating bank robbery

It's probably the same guy who robbed Dollar General!!!

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Coroner gives tentative ID to Boardman fire victim

I found this past article about this person.

I'm pretty sure he did indeed set the fire then chain himself there. Untreated mental illness can ruin people's life. Truly feel sorry for his family, he was deeply distrubed and he didn't get the help he needs. May he R.I.P

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Warren police say 12 people drug overdosed, three died, in last four days

@redeye1. I agree with you. Also, did anyone not read he died in a Sober House. So he was receiving treatment yet found a way to still use drugs. That tells you money is being wasted on drug addicts. Money that can be used for real people with real problems.Not people who are a waste of space! Also, not cool vindy exposing the child's info in the article.

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Youngstown walks against heroin in rainy weather

@scaryhours. People don' t have to live in a perfect world to Not Do Drugs. Read the statistic majority of the world who choose these drugs have never suffer from and physically or mental issues Alot of people who Choose to become Addicts come from really great families w/o trama. So I'm sorry the people who should be drug addicts according to stastic Choose NOT TO DO DRUGS. Many addicts were too pampered or dumb to understand that they are not invinsible. Once again from the time we were young from school alone we were told Don't do drugs. So don't cry when you try them and become an addict. I don't feel sorry for addicts the are selfish. I feel for the families they choose to destroy because the are selfish babies.

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Youngstown walks against heroin in rainy weather

Really there are so many more important things in Youngstown then having a walk for Herion addicts and raising money for addicts. People have free will not to even try Heroin to begin with. Let's help out the children who were born into these people's life style due to the irresponsible people who choose to have an addiction. It was their choose to try an addictive drug. We have been told our who lives if you try it once You will get addicted. Support more important causes that people have no choose on. I feel bad for the families but Not for the Addicts!

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Addict says she is not a 'monster,' wants another chance

I am so sick of hearing about heroin addicts. Seriously people how many times were we warned about drugs growing up! Teachers, parents, churches, the news now internet etc. warned us drugs such as crack heroin and other opiates will make you addicted " you will steal from your own mother". Please don' t cry the system failed you because You chose to have an addiction. You can't get addicted to something if you don' t try it in the first place. The only person who failed You was Yourself stop crying about the consequences.

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YMHA completes $10M renovation of Brier Hill housing

Haha I just had to put my 2 cents in Lol. First off don't be mad at her. Maybe this is a temporary stay or maybe not. Maybe this women is very smart. Goes to work school exc. and fools the government. lol There are many people I have seen who will go about getting all the free stuff they can get while having full time jobs etc. while working the government. We can't get mad at her get mad at the stupid beeeep people who came up with the retarded ideal of wasting all that money on this development and the many other ones they are tearing down and rebuilding in youngstown example westlake. We all know it will be nice for a short time but sooner or later will with go to the crapper Again! Yeah they have central air and right now with the heat being on death outside it really sucks for the people who don't. Solar panels, ha who cares the tobacco/drug of choice residue is going to cover them. But we all know once the roaches come in and they infest the unit it ,does it really matter if you have a/c or not if roach eggs spray at your face while the air is blowing? Hell no! You will either run or live in that nasty a$$ place. So we need to quit complaining about this poor who or should we say Smart woman ( who probably pulled a fast one) or maybe needs a handout temporarily(hopefully) and kick the buts of the dumb a$$s who voted for these tards to pull a fast one on all of us tax payers who helped pay for this place, hey maybe some of these people who are actually who are living there are paying too while living there for free! We don't know!

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Girl, 10, accused of committing sex crimes against 3 in Canfield

Thank god for the father who notice something. Child who are sexual offenders, Yes children tend to have done it multiple times and become sloppy by the time they get caught. It's a mental disorder that these pervs have. They have this whole crazy world, its scary! This girl if she is an offender will,only offend again in JJC on someone who is weaker. At least they caught her young before she ruined even more lives then she already has!

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BREAKING NEWS: Murder charges dropped against Jamar Houser in 2010 shooting death

Oops the word is think not thonk. There is no such word as thonk. Too bad we can't edit old post.

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