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I Personally was someone who saw cats and kittens on a couple of days in a row dealing with a person named Maria, I was talking about a cat hoarder named Maria begging money not ever did she speak about a person named Kim, never did I EVER make a statement if the raid was right or wrong.After reading all your comments to others and myself you just insult people, when people insult people that means they are not educated. Your just a un educated name caller. I would rather make a spelling error and help a cause I believe in than be a ingnorant name caller. That shows you probably call your poor cats names when they do not agree with you either.

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Cat Ladies Society news conference today canceled

I personally e-mailed and spoke to animale charity about cat ladies, the person i had a problem with trying to adopt was maria, i don't know a Kim, but i will tell you that any healthy cat I wanted maria made an excuse of why I could not adopt the healthy cat, I brought in vet referances and pics of my healthy cat. That place was bad. I just wanted to rescue a cat out of there, every cat I picked maria said "it was hers, it is not up for adoption"In my humble opionion maria was taking donations from the public to have a job and a kitty playgroud for herself, would it be nice to open a charity to support your cat hoarding and get paid from her actual wish list she called it. I asked her in several e-mails to give me information on her charity staus with the I.R.S. she would not respond. I called the state on her charity status(there was no such charity under cat ladies or maria) i will not disclose Maria's last name but she stated(she was the owner) Why was she not forth coming with the name of Kim? I also called Petco about the scam, here is the scam---I am a aniamale hoarder ask the public to pay for my animales and then I will adopt a few out a year----good scam you got caught. I will be glad to talk to the proscuter or Kim about every reciept , where did the money go, what did you buy with your charity status? Did your charity status just pay for kitty stuff? give me a break. You contaminated all these cats cause of greed? I have no problem with your society if you break open your records for every dime you recieved from the public and how it was spent, stop the excuses show your records when you were asked, and if you spent one dime of charity money that is not accounted for then you should be prosecuted.

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