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Columbus mayor bans city travel to Arizona

Maybe I misrepresented myself, for that I apologize I am trying to determine if this mayor has a right to hinder official city business in an attempt to boycott Arizona .Can he legally stop city employees from going there because he is in opposition to their immigration law? (A law that I wholeheartedly support. )Can he impose his own agenda upon city workers? If he disagrees w/ the law is that not HIS personal view/opinion and if so,can he ban city workers from going where they want or need to? It seems to me that this is illegal.

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Columbus mayor bans city travel to Arizona

Is it legal for a city official to limit the movement of other city employees based upon his/her own political agenda? Shouldn't that choice belong to each individual?

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Columbus mayor bans city travel to Arizona

300, If you became a Mexican citizen you would never be permitted to vote or hold public office. You are NEVER permitted to protest,demonstrate,carry signs, or voice opposition to the government or you will be jailed and deported. They do not offer bilingual studies in their schools nor do they offer any language (other than their own) in advertising,etc..,. If you live there you speak their language. If you enter their country illegally, you will be,(quote)"hunted down,jailed and held there until you are deported. All assets will be confiscated."(unquote) You can't even live where you want to; some areas are for naturalized citizens only. these are just a few of their immigration laws. Seems to me if everyone spent the same energy to CHANGE Mexico's lousy economy and government corruption,maybe their citizens would want to live there. We are ALL from somewhere else, our ancestors barged in on the Indian Nation.

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Man with bat robs Warren drug store

I live near this store and you are all wrong. There were two robbers,one had a club. The security gaurd tackled one and was immediately bitten severely by the dog. In the meantime, the cashier, who has health problems began having chest pains while the two punks ran. We know the people who work in our stores,many live in the neighborhood. Intheir defense I have to say that they are desent hard working people who dont deserve criticism. That security guard was braver than most. Reserve your cynicism for the two lazy punks who want somthing for nothing, no matter what it takes to get it. By the way, the cashier is in the hospital and was in ICU until today. Until you know the facts reserve judgment. People who want to work for a living should be able to do so without fear of being murdered by the two types you defend.

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