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liveyourbestlife (anonymous) says...

My best friend is one of the victims. There have been more than 15 women come forward. Obviously, not much has been stated to release information of the case because Dale has not been sentenced yet. My friend was told not to tell any one or share her story until everything is finalized by law. Knowing Dales control of the council the two women contacted the FEMALE Bishop Eaton, many other women came forward to the bishop Eaton. And she was the rock in all of this. I give praise to her strength in helping to lead all of this. One of the victims was not from the past, but one was a girl Dale was working on before the two women came forward. Women HAVE come forward (including my friend) to the church counsel, but like it was stated before, they were told to leave. From what I understand, Pastor Mark did leave because of it. I suppose he felt he was up against too much. Just as the women felt. My friend missed about a year of high school, and went through intense counciling because of her cutting herself because of this creep. He has gotten away with so much. Please pray for the church. I know they are having a hard time with this. I hope they have the sense to realize the lesson in all of this and I hope they are praying for the victims as well. The women are all aware they have taken the congregation's precious Sunday from them. My questions the doubtful congregation is. . . Would you rather continue to sit in a pew and hear a lesson from satan dressed as an angel of light? Or stop being self-ish, stand up and do the right thing by praying and protecting women who could have never been victims because you did nothing? Who is your God?

March 23, 2009 at 4:16 p.m. reply suggest removal