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Grow a mustache for men’s cancer

I've got a 6" handlebar growing but I don't wanna start over. This ones taken 3 grow.

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Video appears to show tot boozing at Phillies game


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It’s time for the community to think about Forum’s future

For years St.Elizabeth's emrgency room has been"full" & "diverting" ambulances to Northside's emergency room for care. Once the ER found out they had no type of insurance, they suddenly became "too full" and diverted those patients to Northsides E.R. who NEVER DENIED CARE TO ANYONE SICK and would have to "eat the bill" for that patient's care.This type of humane generoscity has finally caught up w/ Northside and the system is hemmorhaging money while the "HM...won't admit a patient without insurance but send them up the street.This is the Catholic/Cristian way of "helping" their fellow man: NO PAY..NO CARE-get them out. I have seen this pracctice of "turfing" patients to Northside & Southside Hospitals(when it was open)for over 20 years and it has got to stop. St.E's should do it's fair share for the indigent care but they are the valleys example of charity (only if it involves making the almighty dollar)..Barry Cimperman RN (ret.)

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Steelers down Ravens 23-14 for AFC title

Here come all of the Cleveland clown fans out of the sewers; since when has ANYONE in this part of the country been a Cardinal fan? Answ: The same amt. of them that were seahawk fans in '05

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Motives of those unwilling to save GM may not be pure

You people have to understand that down south, the Civil War has not ended in their minds! This is God's truth. There are very influential senators & house members who would love nothing better than to watch Mr. Wagoner "take it" where the sun don't shine(and the other 2 Ceo's w/them). The union must give concessions in wage, vaca, health care coverage,& pension benefits. Mgm't. must get rid of their bonuses, meal money, company cars,gas cards and take massive salary cuts. All 3 companies need to "hatchet" the upper echalon of mgm't. from CEO on down allowing "new- young- blood" w/ new age ideas that could work w/ the gov't. to make these companies viable once again. But it will take CONCESSIONS ON BOTH SIDES or the SOUTH will win this MODERN DAY VERSION OF THE CIVIL WAR!!!

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Alligator found in Coitsville

PEOPLE: That gator = one NEW pair of cowboy boots!! And with good cutting, a new belt!!

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Thousands cheer first black president

Have you all forgotten ONE point: he's not black; ONLY 1/2. Half is WHITE!!

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For the 838th, it’s a reunion like no other

This is sooooooo awesome: now everyone : PLEASE continue on "RED FRIDAY" to wear a RED article of clothing each & every Friday until ALL OF OUR TROOPS COME HOME!!!!!!!

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Obama Will Sleep Here Friday

This isn't even WORTH a comment

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I'm thinking of growing my hair out. How about a mohawk?

Nick, please read my blog from your 1st week. Just tooned in. Take care son: I hope you have an awesome season!

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