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SVSM holds off Poland for regional title

Wow, first of all let's not take away what a great game that was played by some great athletes from Poland and St Vincent St. Mary. It was awesome to watch a game like that, especailly when it's tournament time and the kids played their hearts out. I felt as if the officials called a pretty good game, they let both teams play, as they should it's tournament time, they didn't not let it get out of hand, and it was not one sided. Now as for the coach from Poland, I believe the timing was not right to be upset about what you think happens with St.V recruiting. It seems as if you have taken away how well your guys played on Saturday, by whinning. Timing is everything, if you felt you wanted your concerns to be heard you should have contacted the OHSAA. If you team would have beat ST V., you would have never spoke on this issue negatively. You don't know what the families situations are to why the kids go to St V. You have parents whose jobs have relocated them back to to the area, as I stated back to the area, several of the players families are from the are and just relocated back to Akron. It simply just sounded like a sore loser to me. No matter what you think about saying coach Dru gets kids from every where, the kids still have to put in work. Those kids work very, very hard on their game, not because their forced but because they want too. Those kids are working on their game when other kids are not. I give alot of credit to the Poland kids, they played very hard the entire game, disciplined team and very well coached. All your complaints need to be made to the state, coach Dru does not select to play in which Division he wants. Also as stated before St. V plays mostly Division I schools, St. V didn't cry and pout when they went to Florida at played Chicago Whitney Young with the #1 player in the nation, along with other great competion and some the of the best player's in the nation. What did they do went out and played very hard lost a close one, but the coach didn't come back with a bunch of excuses. With that all be said what a great game we witnessed against 2 very good teams with some very good athlets on last Saturday. Now Goodluck St. V. in the State Semifinal game, and bring back a State Championship!

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