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YSU football team misses playoffs

O$U a contender--don't think so. Their schedule is a yearly joke. You live in Youngstown? And root for teams in Columbu$ and Pittsburgh. And work Obama in your equation. Typical miserable Republican

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YSU football team misses playoffs

pwhite--the attendance is paid attendance, not butts in the seats which is what everybody uses. And YOU are part of the problem. For crissakes, if you took the time to DRIVE BY, why didn't you take the time to go to the game? Typical Youngstown whiner. Probably had to go home to watch Notre Dame.

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Urban League urges 'patience' in Taemarr Walker shooting

Walter is spot on. We're supposed to fret about how this POS died? Spin again.

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‘Use it or lose it’ must be enacted

Sorry deScumbag--since you chose a profession that is dying a slow and painful death, your constant attack on public employees continues to be laughable. Bad choice on your part, eh? Here's your best hope: hop back on the boat you came here on and go back to wherever it is you came from and start over.

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Puskas: Irate Rams fans should lighten up

Pus-face, you're just being a homer. Face it, Kosar is several sandwiches shy of a picnic and doesn't belong on TV. He should be in a rubber room drawing on the wall with crayons in his toes.

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Wings are king; get dibs on ribs

The history was already IN the story Einstein. They could have left it out, not me. Go back to your job pumping gas and figuring out how to feed your kids.

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Wings are king; get dibs on ribs

In typical crapola Vindy fashion, this article doesn't deserve the light of day because when talking about the "history" of the Royal Oaks, it is irresponsible to not mention that it was owned and ran for years by the DeMain family of Youngstown. The DeMains not only established the place, they ran it with class and a family first atmosphere for several decades. Surely that piece of history deserved to be mentioned in place of ghosts.

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Picking the Penguins third in the preseason poll

Joe, maybe if you posted here more than twice a year, we could take you seriously.

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Styx, Kansas coming to Covelli Centre

Niles--hopefully the rock you have been living under was comfortable. First of all, for the Eagles to play Covelli (which they wouldn't) tickets would have to be $500-$1000 apiece. Secondly, Dennis DeYoung hasn't been with Styx for 14 years. Support the show and go.

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Bush pleads guilty to Teddy Foltz murder

First, I hope he goes to prison and is forced to pick up alot of soap....

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