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TRESSEL IN AKRON | 'Work to be as selfless as possible'

Just read above everyone to see why Youngstown is the aging, bitter capital of the world with a dwindling population and people who condemn everything put in front of them. Check most of the comments posted by many of the above. Nothing but negative. Bertie pied piper followers right to the bitter end. Until nothing is left. Losers.

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UPDATE: Tressel, 2 others named as finalists for YSU prez

Tressel is the only one that can save this university right now, especially financially. You idiots act like he murdered somebody at O$U, where he was thrown under the bus by Gordon Geek and his minions. It's typical Youngstown to trash someone without having a viable alternative.Chessiedad--if you're not happy here, pack it and move. And Wahoo--being a university prez today IS about raising money--you can hire any egghead with a PhD to run academics. But schools are drowning in debt. Tressel will eliminate that debt.

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To repeat: It's all about the pension

Once again Bertie looks in the mirror, realizes he'll be working for this hack newspaper for the rest of his miserable life, and attacks what he wishes he had chosen to become. The big question: will anyone be able to understand him when he says in broken english: "Welcome to Wal-Mart???"

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Released YSU players wanted to return

A member of the coaching staff?? Hardly. Someone who has watched a great deal of basketball for several years and is smart enough to see entitlement gone haywire? Bingo! First of all, Hvisdak was NOT recruited by YSU and secondly, she SIGNED OFF on this being a one year deal. She scored 22 points in 17 games and thinks her scholly will be renewed?? Seriously?? Look, she's a hard-working kid who by all accounts is a nice young lady. She's also a Division 3 player at best. Time for family and friends to put their big boy/girl pants on and realize this and move on.

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Released YSU players wanted to return

Sour grapes all. While Davis is a good player, she didn't follow rules and needed to go. Barger is a D2 player at best and Hvisdak is a D3 player at best. Both don't belong on a D1 roster. Hvisdak knew it was a 1 year deal for a scolly yet complains. Recruits coming in will render these 3 pointless. Barnes is an excellent coach and a good person despite how this story paints him. We'll be lucky to hold on to him.

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Tressel applies for YSU presidency

Boy I hope billdog doesn't have a YSU degree. Reading his post is like one of those Sunday Parade magazine "how many grammar errors can you spot." Tressel is exactly what YSU needs. In today's world a university president must be a fundraiser first and everything else second. None better than him. And ALL of the big money people are behind him. He's the only one that can save YSU now.....

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Sources: YSU’s Keene punched teammate Weber

Pete you're a moron if you blame that on Slocum. By and large his kids get good grades and stay out of trouble. Can't control everyone's actions. Who's responsible for you're dumb statement? Parents? Teachers?

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REVIEW: Elton goes deep and the largest Covelli crowd goes wild

Sorry Guy but he didn't close the show with "Your Sister Can't Twist" before the encore, his last song before the encore was "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting." Please get it right.

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Youngstown State Sport Debate

Take a good hard look at deScumbag and Sweettooth. Can you see why both of them would be against athletics? Sitting on the couch with a bag of chips on a Saturday afternoon is their pasttime. At least Frankfurter knows that community support will dry up without athletics.

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Pavlik hearing continued; appears with noticeable wound

Kelly's new manager is Jack Daniels

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