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Tressel needs his ‘peeps’ to ante up

Would anyone else like to pony up some cash to get Punjab DeScumbag to don a helmet and pads and have some of the players from the football team that nobody cares about take some shots at him? Would make him wish he was back home cleaning up camel poop.

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Park board gets earful about geese euthanasia

I personally applaud the what happened to these disgusting poop machines. Living by a small lake myself, I wish they had included the ones around here in the gassing. As has been stated before, a vast majority are in favor of this, only the "animals are people, too" nuts show up and complain.

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Brad Pitt attacked at movie premiere

What a half-azzed headline. Attacked? Hardly. Pitt SHOULD be attacked for leaving Jennifer Aniston for that skank Angelina Jolie!!!

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Ursuline topples South Range for fourth straight title

It was very sporting of Durkin to speak with reporters before he left on a recruiting trip. The University of Ursuline has some seniors to replace for next years team and Durkin is armed and ready with scholarships in hand!!

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YSU, UA: Tale of two institutions

Face it deScumbag, despite your ignorant pleas, YSU did what it should have and hired Tressel which will be a shot in the arm for the university and the community, which is bad news for you. Because once things start going well, your stupid anti-everything rants will have even less meaning than they do now. And Akron was about ready to hire him also, but he withdrew his name. Your irrelevancy around here just got that much greater.

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Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job

Where ya at Abe?????? Guess I wasn't lying, was I?? Go put your head back in the sand.

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Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job and per Bob Hannon on WKBN radio this morning. He was to be offered the job and withdrew his name to take the YSU job. That's a fact. So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Abe.

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Tressel makes first comment after accepting YSU job

To billdog and all of the other typical negative miserable morons who worship at the smelly feet of Bertie deSouza--Tressel WAS offered the Akron job and chose YSU. So there. It's a great day to be a YSU grad. School gets a needed shot in the arm.

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UPDATED | Akron names Scarborough as 16th university president

Come on down, Jimmy T!! You Tressel haters, prepare to pack your bags!!

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YSU LIVE | Tressel says 'may be time' for non-ph.D. president

Of all the stupid things said in these comment blogs, Chessiedad takes the gold medal!! Tressel wasn't supposed to leave a Division 1-AA school for arguably one of the top 5 Division 1 football jobs in the country? At 5 times the money? Surely you would leave your job at the locally owned gas station pumping gas to work for big conglomerate BP, no? Classic Youngstown idiot.

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