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Man: Pavlik hit me at bar

If a drunk is going to be an a-hole at the bar and try to roll up on a boxer, then he deserves to take one in the package. What the hell was he thinking?

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Gunfire incidents increase in Southwest Warren area

This has gone on for years, and it won't stop anytime soon, regardless of occasional police presense. Henryviii is right. The good people of the neighborhood have to take it back and get rid of the slime. Go get yourselves a gun. And when someone ends up on your porch firing their gun, then go Dirty Harry on their ass. It's just like Islamic Terrorism. They only understand violence, not appeasement.

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Agency’s move to Niles irks Williams

This is a classic example of why companies don't want to move into the valley. When they begin searching, the tax issue always comes up, and they end up getting a sweeter deal elsewhere. If you want to attract business, you have to give up a little in order to gain. That means 10 to 20 years of tax abatements. In the long run, you gain much more to the local economy in income tax revenue and much more into the local economy. This valley will never get it!!!!!

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Business owner: YPD refused to respond

See what happens when you don't make your protection payments!

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WRTA officials defend $2.2M in stimulus money for office work

They are not going to touch the actual station. Do you think the administrators at WRTA give a crap about the conditions of the bus station? No, they want to make sure that they have new offices with all the toys. So, how is this going to help stimulate the economy? Are we going to have more bus routes or fuel efficient buses? No, just more fat cat bereaucrats. This is disguisting.

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Valley's jobless put picture on grim statistics

Is it any surprise that the valley is in the condition that it is in? There is a union stronghold that is a turnoff to potential companies. We have a shady history of political corruption and mob influence. There is no incentive of tax abatements. The infrastructure is crumbling. And the democratic party has had a stronghold on the valley for decades. Their priority is to keep the people down and on the government dole so that they can be re-elected. As an employer looking at pluses and minuses of a potential area, why would they pick the valley?

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Dann’s campaign committee sues Gutierrez

$5,000? What about the rest of the money that Guiterrez milked out of the state. It is hard to figure out which one is more of a piece of crap, but it is pretty close. These two are made for each other. What happened to the animal house roommates? Instead of going away quietly after crashing to the earth in flames, they have to keep sticking their head out of the slime to let us know they are still around.

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Show stopper: IRS lien halts Playhouse season

I can't believe with all of the stimulus money out there that there isn't some for the Playhouse. This last bastion of civilization in a decrepit downtown needs to be saved. If Obama can dump money for a mob museum, a train from California to Vegas, billions to GM and Chrysler, and public bathrooms at national parks, I'm sure that he can send some to Y-town. C'mon Ryan, go over to the White House, hold out your cup, and show us the money.

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Rep. Ryan introduces bill that, if passed, would help Youngstown

What exactly is this money going to do? Make a poverty sicken city look nice? It seems that Ryan and Brown are jumping on the Obama bandwagon to spend friviously.
We don't need money dumped into the black hole of other government agencies. We need money for job growth and building up our manufacturing base. What happens in a few years after this money is spent? We will have a huge debt to pay with nothing to show for it!!!

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National Pancake Day is Tuesday, IHOP to help hospitals

Here we go again. Didn't IHOP learn from the fiasco at Denny's? I wonder how many people will get mowed down in the parking lot for trying to save a spot. Or some drunk guy eating your pancakes while you are in the bathroom.

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