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Neighborhood forum spotlights diversity in South Side ward

Mr. Barron: You stated that there were "About 60 elected officials and residents...". Could you break that down for us? Of the 60, how many were elected and appointed officials and their toadies? How many were with the YDNC? How many were non-profit end users? Real residents of the ward totaled?

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Mahoning Republicans to likely recommend a Democrat for probate vacancy

There is a Republican Party in Mahoning County?

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Youngstown cop pleads not guilty in Austintown incident

And on St. Patricks Day, to boot!

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Cash contribution of $4,000 puts Sammarone on hot seat; independent probe warranted

Rumors have it that Chuck Sammarone will cop the "Joe Angelo Defense" when he is interrogated by law enforcement.

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In his five years as chairman of the Mahoning County Democratic Party, David Betras has mastered the

I really thought that BDS would have demanded a 'stop the presses' moment and ordered this column (or is it really notes from a BDS chat around the office water cooler?) rescinded, and a column titled "The Rise and Fall of Mark Belinky" be written.

BTW BDS: Lisa got in trouble FOR NOT reporting a $3,000.00 cash contribution. Plenty of people have taken a lot more taxpayers money and you have not written about it, (now I know 'Lovethiscity' will bash me for this). But what about Chris Sammarone -- the attorney for the MRDD letting Why a Duck quack off with $110,000, as well a candidate for Probate Court Judge receiving $20,000.00 in taxpayers money to open up a bar named Dooney's that his father, the aforementioned Chuck Sammarone (he of the infamous $4,000.00 "CTJ moment for David Betras") who as Mayor of Youngstown and the head of the Board of Control voted for the money going to his son? Furthermore, the bar failed and the $20,000.00 wasn't repaid to the taxpayers, yet Chris became partners (along with his daddy's lawyer, and his partner Brian Ridder) in a new bar named Warehouse 50 and yet the money is still unpaid! Last time I checked $20,000.00 in freebie money is a lot worse than $3,000.00.

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Judge Belinky resigns from Mahoning County Probate Court

Damn, just when my purple pencil was gaining in value.

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BREAKING NEWS | Belinky resigns as Mahoning County Probate Court judge

Damn, I wanted some pencils this year!

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If Mahoning County Probate Judge Mark Belinky resigns early, the governor would replace him

Mr. Munroe... many people find it ironic that the former head of the GOP gave $10,000.00 to an independent candidate for Mayor of Youngstown who was/is a registered democrat.

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Kitchen’s campaign finances prompt questions

What Sammarone should have reported was that he had the cash in pants pockets when he went to the Y for his afternoon handball game. When he returned to his locker the money was gone.

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A hearing in Columbus will pose some challenges for Youngstown government officials

Will Sammarone take a lot of cash with him for this field trip?

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