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Scrapping plans for consolidation will hurt YSU telecom students

It is a shame this fell through. I agree it could have been beneficial for all of these media resources to have access to share information with each other, as well as the opportunity to get a little insight into how other forms of media operate.

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There’s a simple solution to the pothole problem: Just fill them

Agreed. Living in Warrren this is not a new issue. There are areas in Trumbull and Mahoning counties where not only are the pot holes bad, but they have been for some time. Living in the city of Warren for the better part of ten years, I don't ever remember Parkman road not being an obstacle course of pot holes no matter the season.

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Despite NFL players coming out, many gays still fighting for rights

Good job on bringing to light an obviously sensitive topic. I agree with you that what is going on in Uganda is quite disturbing, as well as what almost happened in Arizona before their anti-homosexuality bill was vetoed. Sometimes people react to sensitive topics with feelings of hatred instead of an educated opinion, and judge others instead of letting them live their life the way they see fit. Unfortunately those who judge are the one's that do not know what it's like to be judged. I commend you for making your well thought out view on this matter public.

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