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Attorneys dispute Pishkur’s eligibility for severance pay

Rosie - I wonder how much Stan is making to distract from the real issue....the millions in fees that Forum is paying expert consultants monthly for such nonsence.

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Attorneys dispute Pishkur’s eligibility for severance pay

Once again the consultants have gotten permission to tap into the collateral monies....unload them asap before the well is completely dry....and to think they have the balls to ask for more concessions when they continue taking millions for their fees and "expert" advise. Give them the boot and let the sale go on so we can begin to rebuild the health network in this valley. Judge we need your help PLEASE.

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Column — a year’s worth of building bridges (mostly)

Todd - You did a good job as a columnist in 2009 and I am sure will do as well in 2010. The only issue I have with news in this Valley is that the good guy always finishes last if he gets to finish at all. As in the case of Forum Health: We begin another year of uncertainty - month after month we see the dismantling of the system as the lenders and judge continue the spending of collateral monies. Jobs are being eliminated weekly. Patient census has declined making staff layoffs abundant - sending patients to St. Joes and St. E's. I have even seen Forum employees and their family members using outside medical facilities because they are upset with what has been going on with the current "expert" leadership. How long does it take a team of experienced "experts" receiving millions in salaries to do their job?.......till the $$$ run out?......till the patients quit going to Forum Hospitals? ......10 more out the door must be their motto? Then these experts can go on to the next Healthcare facility and bring it down as well.
Someone needs to do a thorough investigation of what has transpired since September of 09.

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Decision on future of Forum delayed

These thieves will keep extending till all the colateral dollars and any assets are gone. Vince and the rest of the "strategy team" along with the judge needs to be booted out. Ant suggestions on how that can be accomplished?

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Anti-Obama spirit is afoot

Just can't agree with you on this one, and you are entittled to your own opinion. Time will tell all....

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Talk-show host charged with failing to file taxes

Louie made a mistake and will take the punishment due. A lesson learned. He still is a good talk show host and I have enjoyed many of his reviews. Life is short listeners. Move on.

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Ryan expected to face challenger in primary

As an employee of Forum Health I must say too that Ryan is a joke. He deserves to be run out of town.

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Valley views ups and downs in ’09

A late comment is better than no comment:
Mr. Pishkur is the greatest leader Forum has ever had and perhaps the greatest in this valley. We Forum employees applaud him for his hard work. Since his departure the Lender leadership and Judge have worked dilligently to steal the system blind of what assets and $$$ are left. Onions to them.

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Leaders rally for Forum

Thank you Reps Cafaro, Hagan, Schiavoni, Brown, Wilson, Mayor Williams and others for actively supporting Forum Health at the press conference yesterday. It proved your great interest in this valley and keeping the opportunity for healthcare choices, access and/or jobs in the community. The three-year business plan that all employees worked hard on in the past nine months was approved by the Huron Group, (hired by Forum to assist in the restructuring process) details financial success for all three Hospitals and keeps area businesses open as well. Any other plan that would result in hospital or small business closures would be unacceptable to this valley.
Let us continue to speak up before it is too late.

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Bids for Forum due on Friday

Lets hope Judge Woods and the Forum Board work in our favor to keep all Forum Hospitals open and operating and thus serving the needs of this community. Todays press conference along with ONA's newspaper ad sums it up. We have worked hard these past nine months on a three-year business plan that details financial success for all three Forum hospitals and we deserve to have that plan implimented. Any other plan that results in loss of healthcare choice, access and job loss is unacceptable.
Continue to contact our elected officials.
The time to speak up is NOW.

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