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Event turns Eastwood Expo Center into veritable zoo

Agreed 123goz.

Rescues typically spend a great deal of time screening to find a home that works for both the pet and their new family. It has to work for both, or the pet will end up back in a shelter or rescue. Funny thing... It always seems that people are much less likely to give up spouses, children or an existing pet if the new pet doesn't work out.

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Event turns Eastwood Expo Center into veritable zoo

Many rescues, to include West Side Cats, take animals that would normally be euthanized at the shelter without a second thought. In San Antonio, any kitten under 2 pounds, puppies under 4 months of age, and injured or sick (but treatable) animals are automatically euthanized the day they hit the shelter.

The reason why rescues screen so closely is because they want to find pets FOREVER homes, not just nice families. Even nice families return adopted pets to shelters and rescues. I would much rather give a rescue $200 and know that my money is helping other animals NOT be killed because the shelter was overcrowded and their 3-day limit (for strays), or 24-hour limit (for owner surrenders) is up. Most of the no-kill shelters are non-profits, which mean they are not authorized government funding, and run strictly off of donations and volunteer time.

Please do a little research before bashing no-kill rescues; they do tremendous work and save thousands of little lives every year.

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