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HIV-positive Randal Brown charged with assault

The numbers for Mahoning need clarity. Most people get tested outside of their community. That said the stats represents folks from other areas. Our figures are absorbed by areas that test our neighbors also seeking privacy. That said our true numbers may be even higher and hopefully possibly lower.

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Chaney parent team to decide mission

I agree with you Tony! It will take the whole community. Just an observation- East High is in the same district and not having the same issues.

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Marc Dann has first big case since scandal

@ Problem- "duh" not required.. the real issue/ question why not? That's the pause for "duh!"

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Police get bare facts on crash: Driver charged after 3 nude men flee SUV

Sounds like a freak fest plain and simple! Stop sanitizing and trying to clean it up! Crime is crime and a crime was committed- driving under the influence and substance misuse is a crime!

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Marc Dann has first big case since scandal

Is he still practicing, no disbarment?

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Millcreek Children’s Center director resigns

All of these posted comments are so true and accurate. Her mean and vindictive nature makes it impossible to have a successor. While it is not popular to speak honestly about our elders, let alone a nun, the fact is she will lie and manipulate. She has made racist comments that are dismissed because of age. No one can challenge her because she controls and ramrods her agenda.

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9 Chaney parents to help with discipline issues

There was a 6:30pm session which was not covered by the Vindicator. I attended both sessions and the school provided bus service for both session!

Several school board members, clergy and concerned citizens were also present and not included in the count.There were more than 9 parents that signed up at the morning session, more like 20 indicated a willingness to help. The same occurred in the evening as well..

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Lil Wayne goes solo in N.Y. jail solitary punishment

If she does not get her issues under check it will be more serous charges

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Lil Wayne goes solo in N.Y. jail solitary punishment

If Lindsay has a disease, then Lil Wayne has a disease! Few drug addicts are given the posh treatment of this young lady. In fact 23 hours in solitary will eliminate the need for the leg bracket and relapse.

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Mayor launches 'Operation Redemption' for South Side

Thank you Censorship,
I have been proposing the same approach. It cannot be an all or nothing method, but a strategic plan to dismantle the culture of crime that was/has been allowed to permeate this place. Long before these new age thugs came on the scene, we were known as MOB TOWN USA. IT seems that these "gangsta wanna bes" are only emulating what has been the models for several generations.

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