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Making public information public is easier said than done

My wife is a teacher. The kids get out on June 10, but the teachers are there for a few extra days after the kids leave. My wife begins preparing for the upcoming school year at the beginning of August. She is spending her own money to buy the necessary supplies for the upcoming year. She is in her classroom come mid-August. So, 3 months off - give me a break. She is in her 7th year, has a master's degree and just this year broke the $40k mark. When you spout off untrue facts, you are viciously trying to sway the voter. Come with truth. We spend OUR money to get the kids ready for the year. Be a teacher. Walk a mile in there shoes and tell me what's up!

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Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

resident is just a cyber bully. If you ignore him long enough, he will go away. But, I am actually wrong in that statment since after not posting for 10 hours it took him a mere 15 minutes to respond to my comment. Defending your bull headed closed minded opinion much? Creeping on webpage? God forbid that you open your mind. There has not been one clear point made by you, just alot of CAPS and telling us that we don't have the facts or that we don't have an opinion because my child is not at the high school level. Guess what, my opinion is that the kids are worth it. The teachers may have issues, but with SB5 that should correct a bunch of bad errors made by the school board. I am not going to allow a few bad eggs ruin it for everybody else. I want my kid to attend a school of excellence. My vote is to pass the levy. If we cannot invest in our children's future, then what can we invest in? You want that "cushy" job, go get a teaching degree and become a teacher.

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Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

Take your ball and go home resident because my arguement holds water and you know it. You cannot have a constructive discussion because you have your blinders up and don't want to see what is there.

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Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

EXACTLY THE POINT!!!!!!!! Talk to a kid today, cursing is a part of their normal everyday language. Are teachers not allowed to leave the building for a lunch break? have you ever been a few minutes late getting back to work after a "coffee break" The Lord said - "he without sin may cast the first stone." If you are the model employee and have not EVER been late, EVER taken a day off, EVER cursed when talking to another employee/client then God Bless you. But "resident" a wise man once said "Arguing over the Internet is like the Special Olympics - nobody wins and you are still _________" well, you can fill in the blank. Stop arguing over the Internet, go to Zorn, The Vindicator, attend a town hall meeting, attend a board meeting and air your grieveances.

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Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

As for teachers cursing - I am sure that the student did not entice the teacher. Have you heard the mouths on kids today? As for a faculty member sipping coffee in a coffee shop - how dare they take a day off for a doctor's appointment (their own, a parent, a spouse, etc). Have you never taken a day off before and stopped somewhere for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat? It is pure blasphamy! The copay's might stay the same, but health insurance costs WILL go up - it is what the Demcrats voted for when they passed Healthcare for everybody. The insurance companies will still make their profits. How? by raising everybody's premimums.

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Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

I have sat idle "watching" the boards smash teachers. Get off the teachers. The true governement waste are the political "favor" jobs (Marsico/Gains) given to buddies. Be angry with that - not those responsible for the future of our children. I have a question - "Is education a RIGHT or a PRIVILEGE?" My opinion is that the education that our children receives is a 'privilege.' Our children should be honored to go to school. But parents use it as a babysitting service. But, the STATE made schools a 'right' but refuse to help the locals pay for it. Unfortunately, we demand MORE services for our children but don't want to pay for them. How does Poland/Canfield/Boardman graduate 100% of their kids and receive 20% state aid, but Y-town only graduates 50% and receives apprx. 90% state aid. Doesn't match up.

Does your job REQUIRE you to have a Masters Degree? Why bang on the teachers for compensation when the State REQUIRES them to go to school for the rest of their life. Last time I checked, a Master's Degree will cost about $15,000. The fringe benefits of being a teacher is definitly out of line and needs corrected. Stop being jealous because their paycheck is better than yours. They chose this profession. I coach basketball 1 day a week for 1 hour. God Bless the teachers. How about you try teaching for a week and tell me if they earn their paycheck. How about you deal with the parent of a child who hit another child, was kept in for recess and the parent wants to know why their child was kept in. "Timmy is an angel."

As for the "signs" they are leftovers from PAST elections and they have a committee for that purpose. No school monies are used for election - it is state law. As for the "stadium" grant monies were used. How about attending a "town hall" meeting to get your facts straight instead of spewing incorrectness.

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