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Taxpayer uprising the only answer

a+++ fattkidd the only part you left out is all you fat lazy amaricans dont pay any attention to your government , you beloved president clinton caused most of this by pushing a free traid bill and that pressident bush #2 pushed it on through. will you work for 3 dollers and a bowl of rice a day? yha me ether but the china man will and you will pay for it too ! how many of you bit#! and shop at wall mart ? its not your city workers (wich im not) its plotitions from d.c. to your own little dump of a town go drink another beer watch another football game and continue to ignore government and let it run itself.

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Take the Neighbors Poll — When mom-n-pop stores close, what do you miss?

this town is a joke , i live in y town cornersburg, and sorry to take your conccept page canfield,poland,austintown but there isent a page for y town and sence the vindy is the youngstown town paper, i guess your barrowing our space anyhow. our street saw one plow 7 days after the snow started and the roads suck, holes bigger than my truck!the city and county are quick to take tax dollers and even faster to say there broke. i hate this dump of a town with its cocorrupt politicians and filthy slums. now that youngstown has broke me in on driving pothole filled, unplowed country like roads, im moving to the country one county south where my taxs are $200 dollers more a year for 12 and a quarter acres more land than the curent 1/4 acer city squat lot that i hate to own now. good bie y town, cant say i would give one crap if this god forsaken town burnt to the ground tommarow, infact i think the world would be a lil better place for it

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