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DeBartolo humbled, honored by NFL HOF induction

Congratulations Eddie........local news says he is the first Mahoning Valley inductee.......Can anyone spell Paul Warfield ????

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Demolition of last Valley blast furnace nears in Warren

new technology and "changing markets" had little or nothing to do with it.....Warren blast furnace was one of the best in the world......New mills and more modern equipment could have been built here just as well as anywhere else......corporate greed and Government sitting on their hands caused the demise of the steel industry in America....(along with other industries)......

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OAKHILL CASE | No prison time for Yavorcik; five years probation

Query for all of you complainers....Why should the lawyer get jail time when none of the others involved did ???? I couldn't care less, but all of it was a lot of hoopla over nothing.....Cafaro did not want to lose a tenant and some of the politicians were on his side and some were against him since they had other fish to fry....simple as that....

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Half of the teabaggers hate Donald.....virtually ALL of the Dems are against Donald and most of them (Dems) dislike Kasich since he is anti-labor......Rafeal keeps falling behind Donald......How can Donald (or Kasich) possibly win in Novermber ?? know, the real election......

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What you need to know before casting your vote

First of all, redeye is a little ahead of himself.....unless they recently changed it, this is a PRIMARY election....or nominating election...In Ohio you can NOT "split your ticket".....You will be nominating a Dem or a Rep.....AND eliminating all of the also rans for this coming November.....

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Mill Creek surprises employees with dismissals

No doubt there was age discrimination....always happens when there is no union contract....they worked at the pleasure of their employer and will always get "kicked to the curb" before real retirement age....

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State officials search home, business of ex-Niles Mayor Infante

Not really a question of whether Infante was "stupid enough" at this point...When the Feds come, they have already did their "homework".....the sealed warrants are pretty much a formality since they already have something substantial, otherwise they wouldn't be making a move.

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Next-generation Cruze comes home

No problem with "foreign" badges as long as they are built in America, putting Americans to work and American workers getting a decent paycheck and paying taxes in big deal who signs your paycheck as long as you get one.....

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Cruze arrives with no compromises

JoeHubbard and Sobchak: Don"t buy one.....nobody cares what you drive or don't drive......

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Mahoning, Trumbull to buy road grinder

Any of you consider that IF (a big IF) they get busy with this machine all summer and fall and make proper repairs, the pot-hole problem next year will not be nearly as bad.....roads in good repair to start with withstand the winter much better.....just sayin'

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