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White-to-black ratio nearly even in Youngstown STOP WITH THE MINORITY CRAP!

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Home invader gets 93-plus years in prison

Why the he// was that man let out of jail to await sentencing. I think the judge that allowed that crap needs fired ASAP!

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Facebook remark wasn’t racist, Hagan says

I'm racist and proud of it. There is reason to be racist. People are stupid. I dont single out any one race though, I just hate people in general. I call all people I dont like the "N" word, I dont care what color they are. But, you act like one, you get called one...Point blank.

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Valley language courses reflect China’s growing clout

well, china does own us, so i suppose its

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8 vehicle thefts in Boardman

Screw the levy. They never do what they say they will with the extra money. They'll give raises instead of hiring more. The cops they have now are lazy, they let crimes happen right in front of them. They dont follow the traffic laws themselves. They dont get out of their cars to file a police report. Then when you call to talk to a detective about fraud and nobody ever answers the phone and they never contact you and then the dispatchers argue with you. I will never vote for them and if it passes, I am moving.

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I-C-U block watch keeps eyes on violent streets

i was thinking that same thing allstar...they will off her now that they know she is the neighborhood snitch.

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Tracey Greene needs to join a bridge club or go play more bingo or something. Get a day job or find another hobby than to complain about a holiday. So then Walmart and all them other halloween stores need to go out of business because they sell bloody baby dolls?

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FBI, Valley police seek public’s help to solve cold case

Um, he cant be too missed....nobody has come forward saying they are missing their loved one...usually the police has pics of missing loved ones...

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Mother of Ohio man killed by bear favors pet ban

Its like having a pit bull....its not the pets/animals....Its the owners.

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