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Men arrested after shooting

grown men acting stupid,

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Youngstown schools will use metal detectors routinely

This is nuts, when I went to school there back in the 80's (rayen) we didn't have to worry that much, there
where fights and yes I too, got into some being a white boy from the Westside I should have gone to Chaney but it made me who I am today, living here in SLO, CA. I now have children of my own and love
then dearly that's why my choice to home school them shows my love, it
would be criminal of me to send them
to public school, if you Love your children ohio has a (K12) program just
like (CAVA-K12) here in California, all FREE they send you all the material
take care of those children they can change for the better,

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2 men killed on North Side

looks like CHANGE is working well,

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Jail crowding raises safety issues, official says

well from what I have be reading about
how bad the Southside has become,
just build a wall around that side of town
with razor wire problem solved, they even have homes to sleep in, just an

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Charter school, Chaney to vie for city STEAM

This will help solve the problem
go to it's an
online school for K-12, and all FREE
books, supplies and computer they
even help pay part of your internet
bill, We have been using k12/CAVA
for 4 years now with 2 of my 3 boys
and the outcome is fantastic.

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Boy, 17, killed in S. Side violence

this is so sad, all I have read in the past
year is how bad Youngstown has become like I said I'm glad I moved away
to the west coast with my family

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Cars burned after phone threat

Wow, over a debt makes me want to
call American Express and pay off my
card now,

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Former GM employee gets probation

well looks like this guy is
going to be selling happy
meals next month, screwed
up a good job I don't what
to say this but this guy is
a dumb A$$

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Man held on $100K bond in East Side armed robbery

is anyplace safe in Youngstown
anymore ???

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1,000 images of child porn retrieved from Enon Valley home

And there will be more people like this
soon thanks to our new Governor
jerry the clown brown the clown
just put his signature on a bill
that all California public schools
to teach about the GLBT HISTORY
this is why I'm glad we do home school
with our kids but damn some times
i do think about maybe moving back
to ohio where they won't throw this
gay crap at people all the time...

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