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Donald Trump called for an immigration policy to ‘only admit into this country those who share our values’

ISIS was brewed and came to life when Obama pulled out, something America wished his father did. Clinton as Sec. of State like everything else in her life just turned a blind eye.

Benghazi, e-mails, private servers, Seth Rich, Dems and Bernie, Clinton Foundation, Saudi Arabia donations, This is a short list of the person people want in the white house a NWO women.

Immigration will destroy America and simple math can explain it. 94% of Muslim are "safe or moderate" leaving a 6% Radical Muslims. With a small number like 200K 12,000 would be considered radical Muslims. compound that over a few years and we just allowed a "army of radicals"
With liberal supreme court allowing Sharia Law, Strict gun control for all Americans. And to top it off you will pay for all of this to be done to you with your tax dollars.

can Trump stop every bad apple, no, but it sure beats turning a blind eye to the problem and pretend it don't exist. And Clinton wants to expand the Syrian refugee's to 65,000 a year in addition to all the others, she is a GLOBALIST EXTREMIST

Immigration Reform should be high on everyone's list. It is expensive, we pay for it and right now it wants to kill us.

Trump is smart enough to know one thing and that is good enough for me. Build a wall and build it big. TRUMP PENCE 2016

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | GOP nominee wraps up YSU speech

Europe has a attack every 72 hours on the average that results in a death due to a follower of Islam.

And if America [Clinton Dems, Libs] want to bring in 200K refugees and using their numbers of 94% are "Good Muslims" 6% being radicals that would allow 12,000 radical Islam extremist into this country in one year. Multiply that for a few years and add in "I talked my friend into it" and your doing nothing but importing terrorist and building a army of extremist and your tax dollars will be funding it!
[again] Obama/Clinton policies opened the door and back door funded ISIS not directly but it ended up there.
True maybe not on my street, maybe not on your street, but the will cause death and rampage and people will live in fear and they do not need guns to do so. Trump Pence vote and vote often.

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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | GOP nominee wraps up YSU speech

how much common sense does it take to understand the Clinton Crime Family? That alone should make people wonder She is nothing but Obama 2.0 The simple fact of allowing her to choose a supreme court judge alone should be enough let alone the possibility of 1-3. And if asked Clinton will tell you SHE is against Sharia Law but are her appointed Judges?

Benghazi, Emails, private servers, Seth Rich, The inside job on Bernie Sanders, Clinton Foundation, FBI Probes, [halted by in the pocket director] money from Saudi Arabia by the Millions.

And if you do not believe the FBI Director is linked to the Clinton Foundation assets do some googling.

Her immigration views are horrid ask Germany and Europe how open boarders is working for them.
Her economic plan was a text book Democrat philosophy, until she tweaked it and twisted to sound more like a Trump Lite. Her supporting TTP is a disaster and her flip only came to secure Bernie Sanders future supporters.

So like it or not at least Trump will not be kissing Muslims butt and attaching his lips to the Islamic appendage that is trying to get into this country. And Hillary can not get off her knees to these people.

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Rep. Bill Johnson dismisses Dem chair's call to withdraw support of Trump

Betras needs to apologize to Mahoning County and this area needs to learn to take a chance and check a "R" box.

This county is corrupt so is this city!

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PRESIDENTIAL RACE | Trump refuses to back away from false claim Obama founded IS

Old news anyone with half a brain could tell you Obama opened every door needed to create and fund ISIS and some lines are drawn almost straight in doing so.

And those who want open borders and immigration are a terrorist dream come true.

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Clinton: Trump unqualified to be president

Coming from a women that can not handle a email and in most countries would be rotting in prison awaiting trial. Not in America people want her to be President and give her the launch codes.

People need to wake up and we have a chance to get rid of the Clinton's, Bush's [Yes one child left behind, Jeb] Romney, Hopefully Ryan's [Paul, Tim someday] McCain's, Graham, Pelosi, etc... Let alone Obama, Biden and the rest of a disgrace of that administration.

Build a freaking wall to hold off thousands of illegals yes they are ILLEGALS, some say it is easier to get across the boarder and get a E5 visa than it is to get through security at a airport. And just maybe start using Islamic Extremist as a phrase. Or we can just go trillions more in debt allow everyone to come to America rely on the government to wipe our noses, And actually become the largest Muslim country in the world

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Criticism grows for Trump’s assailing of Muslim vet’s family

And a few days later it all comes out that Kahn a lawyer specializing in getting Muslims a E% fast track for U.S. citizenship's. Some costing 500k and to find out the same law firm does Hillary's taxes? Or is that money laundering from the Sadia Arabia either way no one really wants the truth in this matter. Trump will out last this .

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The Kasich, Trump divide

Kasich no one really cares about him will go down as the guy who won Ohio in 2016 and ended up looking like a azz. Donald Trump has opened a door and millions came through it. And if it leaves the Romney's, Bush's, McCain's and the other Grand Old Party Stereotypes behind PRAISE GOD. The RNC was scared from the beginning! Why else have Trump sign on to not run as a third party candidate? They did not think he could take out everyone the RNC had lined up. So if you can stomach the vote for a Clinton please seek medical attention Turning Point has a hot line and a path to a behavior ward.

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The Kasich, Trump divide

"Trump is just as big of a liar as Hillary and Kasich. He abandoned his pledge to self finance his campaign, so he, and his supporters, have no moral high ground to whine about anyone else going back on their word. -"

Actually Trump self funded through the primaries, Trump also employed only around 70 plus people during that time. Trump's goal is to raise a billion dollars for the RNC to use to help others get elected So Ytown parent get informed.

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